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Geospatial Webinar
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January 18, 2023

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Wednesday, January 18, 2023 at 10:30 PST | 13:30 EST | 19:30 CEST

How do you use glTF for large 3D models, terrain, scanned imagery, and connect it to GIS; Architecture Engineering, and Construction (AEC); and Building Information Model (BIM) meta-data to the individual nuts-and-bolts? glTF’s Geospatial Special Interest Group, will explain the limitations of today’s glTF and present their solutions to extend it for the Geospatial and AEC industries. We will discuss Hierarchical Level of Detail (HLOD), point clouds, geometry and texture compression, and meta-data solutions for the urban digital twin and how it applies to the Metaverse. Following the presentations, there will be an extensive, interactive Q&A. 



Scaling glTF with 3D Tiles

  • Presenter: Sean Lilley, Cesium

I3S and glTF

  • Presenter: Tam Belayneh, ESRI

Point Clouds and glTF

  • Presenter: Michael Beale, Autodesk

The "Geospatial profile" for glTF

  • Presenter: Leonard Daly, Khronos Group


Sean Lilley
Sean Lilley
Tam Belayneh
Tam Belayneh
Michael Beale
Michael Beale
Leonard Daly
Leonard Daly
Khronos Group

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