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GDC 2022

GDC 2022 Banner
March 21-25, 2022
San Francisco, California

GDC is a week-long celebration of the art, craft, and business of game development and represents a unique opportunity for developers to get up to speed on advances in the field.

  • Connect with game dev friends (and reconnect with old ones!)
  • Learn how other game developers make great games
  • Gain insight into running a successful game dev business
  • Build your game dev career
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of your peers
  • Get inspired!

Khronos Group Presentations

Cross-platform XR Development Use Case: Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever with OpenXR

Presenters: Bobby Thankdi, XR Games; Jamie Healey, XR Games; Brent Insko, Intel
Time: TBD



Bobby Thandi
Bobby Thandi
XR Games
Jamie Healey
Jamie Healey
XR Games
Brent Insko
Brent Insko

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