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GDC & VRDC 2017
Khronos announces OpenXR and 3D Portability
February 27 – March 3, 2017
Moscone Center, San Francisco

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.

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Feedback from the Community

WebGL gLTF Meetup was epic! Really think we're on the right path to democratizing VR on the web. Thanks The Khronos Group Thank god Best thing to happen to VR

Join the Khronos Group at GDC, where the latest in game development and delivery technology is all anybody will be talking about. This year we will be at the Moscone, with a full day of sessions and with a booth on the show floor.

Bookmark this web page as your information hub to everything Khronos at GDC and VRDC this year. A GDC Expo pass is required for all events unless otherwise stated.

Download your printable Khronos GDC/VRDC Pocket Guide (PDF)

Khronos GDC Activity Overview

Event Date/Time Location
Vulkan Advisory Panel Meeting Sunday, Feb 26
11am - 5pm
Galvanize, 44 Tehama Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 (MAP)
VRDC Table Mon-Tues, Feb 27-28
10am - 6pm
Moscone, North Hall, Table #TT06, between ballrooms 134 and 135
DevDay Tues, Feb 28
10am - 5:30-ish
Moscone, West Hall, Room 3022
GDC Expo Wed-Fri, March 1-3
10am - 6pm
(10am - 3pm on March 3)
Moscone, South Hall, Booth #2419
WebGL/WebVR/glTF Meetup Thurs, March 2
Galvanize, 44 Tehama Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 (MAP)
Livestream: Facebook group

Member Sessions in Khronos Booth #2419

Visit the Khronos booth for a free t-shirt or reference guide, and stick around to listen to a presentation or see a demo from a Khronos member (see the schedule below). Most presenters will be available for questions and discussions after their presentations.

  Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00 Khronos GDC Demo from Nokia
OpenGL and Vulkan in VR
Khronos GDC Demo from Nokia
OpenGL and Vulkan in VR
Khronos GDC Demo from Tobii
Tobii Eye Tracking in VR
11:00 Khronos GDC Demo from Silicon Studio
Vulkan in the Xenko Game Engine
Khronos GDC Demo from Z Space
WebGL for zSpace
Khronos GDC Demo from The Brenwill Workshop
Vulkan on macOS and iOS
11:30 Khronos GDC Demo from NVIDIA
Vulkan debugging support in NVIDIA Nsight
12:00 Khronos GDC Demo from NVIDIA
Demo: Vulkan extensions on NVIDIA GPU
Khronos GDC Demo from NVIDIA
VkHLF: A high-level framework for Vulkan
Khronos GDC Demo from Tobii
Tobii Eye Tracking in VR
1:00 Khronos GDC Demo from The Brenwill Workshop
Vulkan on MacOS and iOS
Khronos GDC Demo from The Brenwill Workshop
Vulkan on macOS and iOS
Khronos GDC Demo from Samsung
Optical and camera effects in OpenGL ES
2:00 Khronos GDC Demo from ARM
Vulkan multipass: Mobile deferred shading done right
Khronos GDC Demo from ARM
Vulkan multipass: Mobile deferred shading done right
3:00 Khronos GDC Demo from Z Space
WebGL for zSpace
Khronos GDC Demo from Samsung
Debugging Vulkan on mobile with Renderdoc
4:00 Khronos GDC Demo from AMD
OpenVX for real-time 360 video stitching
Khronos GDC Demo from Tobii
Tobii Eye Tracking in VR
5:00   Khronos GDC Demo from NVIDIA
Vulkan debugging support in NVIDIA Nsight

Visit Khronos at VRDC 2017

Date: Feb 27 - 28 (With GDC)
Location: Table #TT06 by Room 135, North Hall

Is your company involved with the growing VR market?

Check out our table at VRDC where we look forward to talking with you about the Khronos VR Initiative that was launched last year. If your company isn't participating with this initiative, perhaps it should be! Look for our table #TT06 in Moscone North, between ballrooms 134 and 135. Learn more about the Khronos Virtual Reality Standard Initiative.

Khronos 3D Graphics Developer Day Sessions

Date: Tuesday, February 28, 10AM to 6PM
Location: Room 3022, West Hall

Join us for sessions about WebGL, glTF, VR, and of course Vulkan; and get your free t-shirt, stickers, and Khronos API reference guide.

Time Session Description
10:00 AM Reach the Largest Gaming Platform of All: The Web. WebGL, WebVR and glTF

Speakers: Neil Trevett (NVIDIA), Saurabh Bhatia (Microsoft), Zhenyao Mo, Kai Ninomiya, Brandon Jones, and Ken Russell (Google), Ricardo Cabello (Mr. doob)

3D graphics on the Web is rapidly evolving, This session discusses the latest innovations coming in WebGL 2.0 as well as glTF, technologies from Khronos that brings the power of OpenGL to 3D web graphics. We also discuss how WebVR is leveraging these standards to bring Virtual Reality to a browser near you!
11:20 AM Refocusing on VR Innovation: Can Standards Simplify Cross-Platform Virtual Reality Development?

Speakers: Cass Everitt (Oculus), Joe Ludwig (Valve), Nick Whiting (Epic Games), Devin Reimer (Owlchemy Labs), Yuval Boger (Sensics), Alon Or-bach (Samsung)

OpenXR logoThe rapid growth of the virtual reality market has led to platform fragmentation, forcing applications and engines to be ported and customized to run on multiple VR systems. This slows the widespread availability of compelling VR experiences, creates added expense for developers, and consumes resources that could be better spent on innovating.
This panel discussion will consider the challenges of bridging between VR platforms, and to what extent standards could ease the pain to drive more innovation in the hardware and software spaces. Come hear about how Khronos APIs such as Vulkan and OpenGL ES are already enabling low-latency GPU rendering, as well as the potential of the recently announced Khronos VR Initiative to grow the virtual reality ecosystem by standardizing access to common functionality in VR systems. This will be an interactive session, so please come armed with questions – and your tales of platform porting pain!
1:20 PM Vulkan Game Development on Mobile

Speakers: Alen Ladavac (Croteam), Soowan Park (Samsung), Hans-Kristian Arntzen (ARM)

Vulkan is an explicit 3D graphics and compute API with cross-platform portability. Since its release in February 2016, it has gained official support in Android and has been exposed on a number of noteworthy mobile devices. Hear first-hand from developers that worked on game titles for mobile using Vulkan and how you can design your code to get impressive performance improvements.
2:40 PM Vulkan on Desktop Deep Dive

Speakers: Jörg Wollenschläger (Silicon Studio), Dan Baker (Oxide, tentative), Jesse Barker (Unity), Jeff Bolz (NVIDIA)

Vulkan promises portability and high-performance on the desktop. Twelve months after Vulkan's February 2016 launch, is the promise being fulfilled? Come hear the key learnings from developers that have been at the cutting edge of exploring Vulkan's capabilities.
4:00 PM When Vulkan was One: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Speakers: Tom Olson (ARM), Alon Or-bach (Samsung), Alen Ladavac (Croteam), Hai Nguyen (Google), Piers Daniell (Nvidia), Karl Schulz (LunarG), Hans-Kristian Arntzen (ARM), Mike Schmit (AMD)

We will start with an overview of the highs and lows for Vulkan in its first year as a public API, and talk about where should Vulkan go next. Then our panel will reveal the uncensored, inside track from developers that have been instrumental in defining and driving the Vulkan API. Stick around after the session for a beer and chat.

WebGL/WebVR/glTF Meetup

Date: March 2, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Location: Galvanize, 44 Tehama Street, San Francisco, CA, 94105
Registration: WebGL/WebVR Meetup - No GDC or VRDC pass needed to attend.
Livestream: Facebook group

Attend this Meetup for sessions about WebGL. WenVR, and glTF from developers, Khronos Working Group members, and others. This Meetup will be held at Galvanize about 5 minutes away from Moscone and does not require a GDC badge to attend. Beer will be served.

The Khronos Group is sponsoring this WebGL/WebVR Meetup:

  • WebGL 2.0 Announcement and Ecosystem Update (10 min)
    • WebGL working group
  • What’s New in Three.js (10 min)
    • Ricardo Cabello
  • PlayCanvas: "After The Flood" and WebVR Lab (10 min)
    • Dave Evans and Will Eastcott,
  • Universal Texture Compression Format (5 min)
    • Stephanie Hurlburt (Binomial)
  • Update from the W3C: Advancing a Declarative WebVR Standard (10 min)
    • Shannon Norell
  • A vision for declarative WebVR (10 min)
    • Josh Carpenter (Google)
  •  VR Web Apps in AltspaceVR
    • Gavan Wilhite (AltSpace VR) will give us a tour through the landscape of VR web apps people are building using in AltspaceVR, and share how they have started using A-Frame to bring native game engine features into the browser.
  • Building a Web Player for 360° Video
    • Ilia Glazkov (JauntVR), the builder of Jaunt's web player, will discuss building out a web player for 360° video, covering the WebGL, spatial audio, variable bitrate streaming, and the guided viewing experience.
  • glTF Ecosystem Update Including PBR (15 min)
    • Saurabh Bhatia (Microsoft)
    • Patrick Cozzi (Cesium)
    • Tony Parisi (Unity)
  • glTF and Microsoft (5 min)
    • Saurabh Bhatia, and/or Gary Hsu     
  • glTF Physically Based Rendering Demos (20 minutes)
    • PBR-ready glTF in instant3Dhub / instantUV
      • Max Limper (Fraunhofer)
    • Sketchfab
      • Cedric Pinson (Sketchfab)
    • WebGL glTF PBR reference implementation
      • Mohamad Moneimne (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
    • glTF PBR in Vulkan Engine
      • Jian Ru (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
OpenXR Merchandise t-shirt Vulkan Shirt at GDC WebGL Shirt at GDC glTF Shirt at GDC

It’s not all about the free stuff, but…

Flaunt your API-allegiance at GDC with a free Khronos t-shirt available at the booth and at the sessions above. Can't make it to GDC? Buy a t-shirt online!

Have you seen the latest design of the Vulkan T-shirt? Get yours at our booth or at our Vulkan sessions. We'll also have WebGL and glTF shirts, and reference guides for Vulkan and WebGL.


Khronos Related Sessions at GDC

Most of the biggest players in 3D Graphics and Gaming are Khronos members, and many of them are having sessions at GDC that are about or pertain to Khronos technologies. Here are some sessions you may be interested in.

For the latest up-to-date list of Vulkan, OpenCL and OpenGL session, please refer to the official GDC sessions page.

Time Session Details
Room 2006
D3D12 & Vulkan Done Right, and Wave Programming in D3D12 & Vulkan
AMD / NVIDIA – Vulkan
10:00am - 5:00pm
Room 2020
Facebook Developer Day Facebook – WebGL
2:40pm - 5:40pm
Room 2011
The Future of VR and Mobile Graphics Imagination – Vulkan, VR standard
Room 2020
D3D12 & Vulkan: Lessons Learned AMD – Vulkan
Room 3007
Mobile: The Future of VR ARM / Samsung –  Vulkan
3:30 pm
Rom 3022
High Quality Mobile VR with Unreal Engine and Oculus ARM / Oculus / Epic Games –  Virtual Reality
Room 3022
Get the Most from Vulkan in Unity with Practical Examples from Infinite Dreams ARM / Unity Technologies / Infinite Dreams –  Vulkan
Room 2000
NVIDIA Vulkan Update NVIDIA –  Vulkan, OpenGL

Khronos Members and Associates Exhibiting

You can find a complete list of GDC Exhibitors here.

Participating Companies


VRDC, DevDay and GDC Expo

Vulkan Advisory panel and WebGL/WebVR Meetup location

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