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Futuremark 3DMark Mobile06 launch and OpenGL ES 3D Graphics Performance Benchmarking at KGC20

Nov 11, 2005

Event is now over

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Futuremark 3DMarkMobile06 Developer’s Edition

WHEN: November 11th 10:30am - 12:30 pm
WHO: Featured Speaker - Sami Niemelä, Manager of Mobile Products, Futuremark Corp.

10:30-10:45 - Registration
10:45-10:50 - John Lee of Fathammer - Welcome & Agenda
10:50-11:00 - News Updates
11:00-11:15 - Neil Trevett of the Khronos Group – Khronos Group Introduction
11:15-12:15 - Sami Niemelä – OpenGL ES 3D Graphics Performance Benchmarking

OpenGL ES 3D Graphics Performance Benchmarking - Sami Niemelä, Futuremark
A benchmark developer’s perspective on OpenGL ES capable handheld devices, with insights on leveraging results in hardware evaluation, IP implementation, and performance reviews

  • performance evolution
  • benchmarking approaches and users
  • benchmarking do’s and don’t's
  • future projections

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