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Frankfurt OpenGL Bootcamp
April 20-24 2009
Frankfurt, Germany
Kloster Ederbach

Event is now over

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As problem sets explode in complexity, radical gains in performance have resulted from moving traditional graphics processing from the CPU to graphics hardware. If you are doing any work concerning graphics, then you must know OpenGL and this class is the fastest way to master the ideas and techniques of OpenGL programming. By taking full advantage of hardware acceleration, shaders, blending, textures and video we'll help you get the most out of your data. Learn how OpenGL works, what functionality it does and does not provide, various optimization methods for both static and dynamic data, and much more.

The course will provide libraries and frameworks for abstracting the operating system and allowing the student to focus solely on learning OpenGL. Concepts and exercises which are tangentially related to OpenGL and depend on interaction with the OS will be taught using Mac OS X technologies (such as multiple rendering contexts or multithreaded OpenGL applications).

Students will be provided a copy of OpenGL Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL, Version 2 (commonly known as the Red Book).

Upon completion of OpenGL Bootcamp, the student will:

  • write visualizations using OpenGL on Mac OS X
  • understand how modern graphics work
  • use OpenGL for both 2D and 3D visualizations
  • understand the issues involved with data visualization and how to address them using OpenGL
  • apply code to future OpenGL applications
  • understand how to write cross-platform OpenGL visualizations
  • understand the various methods of GPU programing and how they can increase performance of a wide range of applications


Jay Anderson
Carsten Haubold


For best results, students should know a procedural programming language (such as C) and have a basic understanding of trigonometry and vector mathematics.

What's Included

Class price includes all class materials, a luxury room, three delicious meals a day, a stylish Big Nerd Ranch t-shirt, and ground transportation to and from the airport. Plan to arrive the afternoon or evening before your class begins and depart on the last day of your class after 4 PM.

For information or to enroll in a class in North America: (404) 527-6211
For information or to enroll in a class in Europe: +49 (931) 9911-485

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