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FOSS XR 2022
FOSS XR 2022 Banner
October 5-6, 2022
Minneapolis, MN

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.

Why Attend?

This year, three events are being held together. X.Org developer's conference, WineConf and FOSS XR. This conference is for everyone interested in VR/AR/MR and Free software. With many projects like Monado, Project North Star, libsurvive, ILLIXR, relativ, OpenHMD and others working on freely available drivers and hardware, FOSS applications and software working on free driver and api integration, universities and commercial companies embracing the power of Open Source, the FOSS XR Conference is there to bring the community together and give a podium to the future of XR.


Khronos Related Sessions

How to interact with your open source desktop in the far present

Presenter: Lubosz Sarnecki, Collabora
Time: 5 Oct 2022, 8:45a.m. (CDT)
Description: The goal of this talk is to summarize the recent year of xrdesktop development and showcase capabilities for the upcoming 0.16 release. A part of that will be our stand alone VR Wayland compositor wxrd, the virtual 3DUI keyboard with localization support and a focus on the industry standard OpenXR API. I will show the ability of xrdesktop to display virtual environments and run on embedded devices like the Raspberry Pi 4 or AMD SoCs. Since the 0.16 release will also be the first containing the G3k 3D widget toolkit, using Vulkan for rendering, I will present xrdesktop's way forward, outlining our goals to provide a full XR system shell.

Open-handed: Tools for great hand tracking

Presenter: Adam Harwood, Ultraleap; Rodolphe Houdas, Ultraleap
Time: 5 Oct 2022, 9:25a.m. (CDT)
Description: Hand tracking will be as important for XR as the touchscreen is for mobile. It adds to the illusion of presence and provides the primary user input method. Ultraleap is a proud supporter of the FOSS movement, from providing FOSS plugins for Unity and Unreal to open sourcing the North Star headset. In this session we will cover the latest developments in Ultraleap's hand tracking, including how to use it via OpenXR.

Update on the state of FOSS XR

Presenter: Jakob Bornecrantz, Collabora
Time: 5 Oct 2022, 1:20p.m. (CDT)
Description: This talk will go through the current state of the FOSS XR, covering the general state and focusing on the Monado project.

Frame Timing and Pacing in XR

Presenter: Jakob Bornecrantz, Collabora
Time: 5 Oct 2022, 1:45p.m. (CDT)
Description: This talk will go through the lifetime for a OpenXR application frame, then delving deeper into how a OpenXR runtime interacts with the display system. The talk is meant to provide food for thought in terms of designing app frame timing and pacing for windowing system. It will also go through the current APIs for display content on screen.

Stardust: a better display server for XR

Presenter: Nova King
Time: 5 Oct 2022, 2:45p.m. (CDT)
Description: So far, most people have not been able to use XR for significant periods of time, to replace our phones or computers, or just to allow us to do our work in a more ergonomic and intuitive fashion wherever we are. A massive roadblock is that we have not had a display server that is built around the constraints and freedoms XR brings, while providing better interaction with all the software you already run in 2D. 2D display servers are not perfect either, XR offers opportunities to fix some of the issues they contain. This talk will introduce Stardust XR, a display server that is being developed to make interactions with your computer through XR useful, account for more accessibility needs than existing desktops and display servers, and let you customize in a much more intuitive manner. It supports 2D apps through Wayland, and will support better interaction of 3D applications through OpenXR.

Introducing Monado's Optical Hand Tracking

Presenter: Moses Turner, Collabora
Time: 5 Oct 2022, 4:00p.m. (CDT)
Description: As AR and VR have matured, optical hand tracking has emerged as the default human-computer interaction method - it's simple, intuitive, and requires no extra hardware. However, it is complicated to implement and had required proprietary hardware and software. As a part of Monado, the open-source OpenXR runtime, Collabora has developed a fully open-source optical hand tracking pipeline that's suitable for AR/VR interaction. In this talk, Moses Turner will demonstrate use of this pipeline, go over the history of its creation and explain its relevance to the rest of the XR ecosystem.

ILLIXR: Illinois Extended Reality Testbed

Presenter: Qinjun Jiang, ILLIXR
Time: 5 Oct 2022, 4:40p.m. (CDT)
Description: We will present an XR testbed called ILLIXR (Illinois Extended Reality testbed), an open-source end-to-end XR system. ILLIXR supports XR perception, visual, and audio subsystems, consisting of state-of-the-art sensors and components (e.g., visual inertial odometry, scene reconstruction, asynchronous reprojection, and 3D spatial audio encoding and decoding), all orchestrated through a flexible and efficient runtime system. Enabled by Monado, ILLIXR runs XR applications conforming to the OpenXR interface. It runs on Linux PCs and embedded systems (e.g., NVIDIA Jetson), provides the option to offload some components to the cloud (e.g., AWS), and displays images on multiple commercial headsets. It provides extensive telemetry, enabling extensive power, performance, and quality of service measurements and insights on a fully functional XR system.

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