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Embedded World Conference 2023
Embedded World Conference 2023 Banner
March 14-16, 2023
Messezentrum Nuremberg, Nuremberg, Germany

Event is now over

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The embedded world Exhibition & Conference provides a global platform and a place to meet for the entire embedded community, including leading experts, key players and industry associations. It offers unprecedented insight into the world of embedded systems, from components and modules to operating systems, hardware and software design, M2M communication, services, and various issues related to complex system design.

Khronos Related Sessions

Embedded Vision 3
NCC Ost | Floor 3 | Room - Neu-Delhi

Next Generation Embedded Vision Open Standards

Speaker: Laurent Pinchard, Ideas on Board
Date: March 16, 2023
Time: 4:00pm-4:30pm

Open standards play an important role in enabling interoperability for efficient deployment of vision-based systems. In this session, Neil Trevett, Khronos Group President, will share an update on the family of Khronos Group standards for programming and deploying accelerated inferencing and embedded vision including OpenCL, Vulkan Safety Critical, SYCL Safety Critical, OpenVX, SYCL, NNEF, and Kamaros (Embedded Camera API Interoperability). Neil will discuss the evolving roadmap for these standards and provide insights into which standards are relevant to attendee projects. In particular, Neil will outline the technical direction of the Camera API working group to create an open standard to streamline the integration and control of sophisticated embedded camera systems, and highlight how attendees may participate in this important industry initiative.


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