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Embedded World Conference 2021 DIGITAL
Embedded World Conference 2021 DIGITAL Banner
March 1-5, 2021

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.

The embedded world Exhibition&Conference will take place next year as a completely digital event. Both the trade fair and accompanying conferences, the embedded world Conference and the electronic displays Conference, will be held as virtual formats under the name embedded world DIGITAL. Participants will have five days at their disposal from March 1-5, 2021.


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Khronos Sessions

Vulkan SC - Safety Critical Graphics and Compute Library

Speaker: Michael Pyne, CoreAVI & Industrial
Date: 3 March 2021
Time: 11:00-11:30am CET

Vulkan is the next generation graphics and compute library, providing full access to the performance of the latest GPUs. Traditionally, Graphics and Compute were using different libraries: CUDA, OpenCL for Compute, and OpenGL for Graphics. Vulkan enables simultaneous Graphics and Compute in one library, with more emphasis on the GPU reducing CPU load, enabling low power SOC's with advanced graphics capabilities. The Khronos Group manages the open standards for OpenCL, OpenGL, and Vulkan. Vulkan provides a major change with graphics and massive parallel GPGPU (General Purpose GPU) compute with the same library. This white paper examines in detail the Vulkan SC software architecture, embedded Graphics, and Compute for Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, and Transportation industries where applications such as Sensor Processing, Embedded Vision, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Machine Learning may have safety certification requirements for next generation embedded systems.

Standardising Low-cost GPUs for Embedded Industrial Use

Speaker: Kristof Beets, Imagination Technologies
Date: 3 March 2021
Time: 11:30am-12:00pm CET

This session dives into the requirements for GPUs for usage in modern industrial scenarios including whitegoods, smart devices, security solutions, and information displays. Covering both hardware, e.g. fillrate centric GUI rendering centric feature set, and software, e.g. Khronos standard and Open Source, requirements essential to help enable the diverse usage scenarios for this market segment with increasing needs for user friendly visual interactions.

Keynote: The State of Khronos Standards Powering the Future of Embedded Vision & Inferencing

Speaker: Neil Trevett, The Khronos Group, President
Date: 4 March 2021
Time: 4:15-4:45pm CET

As machine learning advances, so too does the number of accelerators, processors, libraries and compilers in the market. Proprietary APIs and formats can create a complex industry landscape that hinders market growth. Open standards have an important role to play in enabling interoperability for faster, easier deployment of vision-based systems.

In this session, Khronos President Neil Trevett will provide a state-of-the-industry update on the family of Khronos open standards for programming and deploying accelerated inferencing and embedded vision including OpenCL, Vulkan, OpenVX, SYCL and NNEF. The presentation will include future directions for these standards and provide attendees insights into which of these standards may be relevant to their embedded vision and inferencing projects.

Neil is Vice President of Developer Ecosystems at NVIDIA and the elected President of the Khronos Group, where he initiated the OpenGL ES standard now used by billions worldwide every day, helped catalyze the WebGL project to bring interactive 3D graphics to the Web, fostered the creation of the glTF standard for 3D assets, chairs the OpenCL working group defining the open standard for heterogeneous parallel computation, and helped establish and launch the new-generation Vulkan GPU API.

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