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2019 Embedded World
2019 Embedded World Banner
February 26-28, 2019
Exhibition Centre, Nuremberg, Germany

Event is now over

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The leading international fair for embedded systems

Be it security for electronic systems, distributed intelligence, the Internet of Things or e-mobility and energy efficiency – the embedded world trade fair in Nuremberg enables you to experience the whole world of embedded systems.

Discover the innovations from the embedded sector, meet experts and acquire new customers: more than 1,000 exhibitors and numerous speakers from 52 countries will be presenting the entire spectrum – ranging from construction elements through modules and full systems, operating systems, hard and software to services – to more than 32,000 trade visitors and approximately 2,200 conference participants from 77 countries.

Khronos Related Sessions

OpenCL: Enhance Human Vision with Intel Vision Technology

Speaker: Pavani Kilari, Intel Corporation
Date: 4pm - February 26, 2019
Location: Conference Counter NCC Ost
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Our world is changing, technology is now capable of giving vision to things like cars and machines like Sophia, a robot. Autonomous cars perceive their surroundings using computer vision. Cameras within Sophia's eyes combined with computer algorithms allow her to see. This paper shows sample applications on how this vision technology can help humans enhance their vision and let them see the world. Intel’s OpenVINO™ (Open Visual Inference & Neural network Optimization) toolkit provides a platform which includes OpenCL™, OpenCV, OpenVX, Deep Learning development toolkit and frameworks like Tensor Flow, MXNet, Caffe etc on Intel® CPUs, FPGA, and VPUs for classic computer vision capabilities. OpenVINO™ when combined with Intel’s smart glasses technology with a camera, can give vision to over 253 million people who were living with visual impairment in 2015 (estimates published in the Lancet, a weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal). This helps identify people, classify objects, understand facial expressions, navigate and perceive the world. With the exponential increase in the demand for Vision processing, cameras are becoming basic building blocks for artificial intelligence in IoT applications across every domain. By 2021 there will be a 700 percent increase in video data and 45 percent of all the data will be stored, analyzed, and acted on at the edge. Vision based intelligence accelerated by Intel’s processing technology can change the way we see the world.

Vulkan: Status of the Embedded GPU Space

Speaker: Robert Foss, Collabora Ltd.
10am - February 27, 2019
Conference Counter NCC Ost
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The embedded GPU space is seeing rapid changes with the introduction of new standards like Vulkan and new applications like VR and wearables. This of course affects the GPU hardware and what we expect from it, which in turn means that the software ecosystem is seeing a lot new demands placed on it. From low latency output of VR to power optimizations of wearables. New standards like Vulkan also have a large impact on the software stack, with some implementations going as far as implementing legacy standards like OpenGL on top the Vulkan stack. This presestation will look at the different GPUs and provide an outlook their Linux support, including a comparison of drivers provided by the vendor against the one provided by the Linux Community looking at the benefits and disavantages of each of them.

Exibiting Khronos Members

  • AIMotive – Booth: 4A-625
  • AMD – Booth: 1-360
  • Arm – Booth: 4-140
  • Broadcom - 3A-229
  • Cadence Design Systems – Booth: 4-116
  • Collabora – Booth: 4-280
  • Fraunhofer – Booth: 4-470
  • Intel – Booth: 1-338
  • Imagination Technologies - 4A-261
  • Kalray – Booth: 4A-510
  • KDAB – Booth: 38-133
  • Microsoft – Booth: 3A-516
  • Mitsubishi - 1-181
  • NVIDIA – Booth: 1-430
  • NXP - 4A-220, 3A-229
  • Pico Technology – Booth: 4-121
  • QualComm – Booth: 4A-330; 3-310; 3-141
  • Renesas - 1-310, 1-306
  • Samsung - 3A-514, 1-441
  • Sony - 3A-138
  • Stream HPC BV – Booth: 3A-533
  • Synposis – Booth: 4-316
  • Think Silicon – Booth: 3-647
  • TI - 3A-119
  • Toshiba - 3A-424, 1-306
  • VeriSilicon – Booth: 4A-360
  • Xilinx – Booth: 3A-235

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