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Edge AI Summit
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Nov 15-18 2021

Event is now over

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The opportunity of Edge AI is clear - it is bringing real-time, personalized, scalable, and secure AI to resource constrained devices, unlocking the next wave of intelligent devices.

Optimizing AI performance whilst operating economically at the edge remains the elusive holy grail. For four years, the Edge AI Summit has aided enterprise adopters, OEMs, AI software, and hardware providers in their pursuit of deploying AI at the edge, by helping them form partnerships that will improve the performance of embedded hardware, optimize models, and compress workloads to enable high-performing and low-footprint AI to exist at the edge.

The 4th Annual Edge AI Summit unites the technologists from around the world tasked with designing and developing real-world use cases that bring real-time and secure AI to low-power applications from the sensor-edge to device-edge, and to areas that have limited connectivity to the cloud.

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Key themes each day include:

  • November 15 - Scalable & Low-Latency AI Deployed on Resource Constrained IoT Devices
  • November 16 - Holistic Hardware & Software Solutions for High-Performing Edge AI Inference & Training
  • November 17 - Understanding Neuromorphic Computing, the AIoT Market & Interoperability Challenges at the Edge
  • November 18 - Profitable Edge AI in the Age of 5G, the Hybrid Cloud & AI Regulations

With 40+ speakers, discussing real-world Edge AI use cases, from the likes of Verizon Media, Collins Aerospace, Samsung SDS America and LG Electronics, you won’t want to miss out!

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