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July 27-28, 2011
NYU’s Kimmel Center in NYC

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.

An HTML5 Developer’s Conference that educates web developers, designers, and architects, as well as technology leaders and business strategists, on how to use HTML5 to create dynamic user experiences and new business models while exploiting the power of this new language. The conference is a three track program comprised of HTML5, User Experience and Web 3.0 tracks. Attendees will learn everything from the implementation and execution of HTML5, to building new business models based on HTML5 Mobile, Cloud and ecommerce capabilities. DevCon5 goes beyond simple 2.0 continuity to a true “any to any” model of application design and development.

Members from Khronos Group to talk in depth about WebGL in two sessions on Thursday July 27 at DevCon5.

Attend DevCon5 at Kimmel Center NYC and hear:

  • Neil Trevett, Vice President Mobile Content at NVIDIA and President of Khronos
  • Tasneem Brutch, Ph.D., Sr. Staff Engineer, Samsung Electronics, WebCL Working Group Chair
  • Kenneth Russell, Software Engineer, Chrome GPU team, Google, Inc., Chair of the WebGL Working Group
  • Bobby Richter, Creative Tech Lead, Web Made Movies, Mozilla Foundation

Speak on the following topics:

Session One - 10:15-11:30am (was 3D-101) WebGL and WebCL – 3D Graphics and Compute on the Web
HTML5 needs access to high-performance graphics and parallel computation to enable dynamic, engaging content.
This session overviews the fast-changing mobile and web ecosystems and the two emerging standards for rich visual content in the browser
Neil - Web and Mobile Ecosystem, Khronos and WebGL Overview
Tasneem - WebCL Overview

Session Two - 11:45-1:00pm (was WebGL: 3-D everywhere) Hands on with WebGL
Get the latest insights into WebGL from two browser vendors that have shipping implementations.
This session includes an update from the WebGL working group chair and a walkthrough of one of the leading WebGL content engines
Ken - WebGL tech overview, working group status and demos
Bobby - CubicVR overview, tutorial and demos

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