Demoparty Synchrony

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Jan 8, 2016
Babycastles on 14th Street, New York

Synchrony is a New York City demoparty at a gallery, Babycastles on 14th Street, where people will program together, hear talks, hear computer/videogame music, and see real-time generated audiovisual spectacles.

Many of the Khronos group’s APIs are relevant to the work done in the demoscene and used by sceners as they program, but OpenGL and WebGL are likely the most often used APIs. More can be read about the demoscene in the reasonably good Wikipedia article on it:

Synchrony will be the first demoparty in New York. (The Blip festival, which started here at Eyebeam, featured demoscene productions but did not have the compos, or competitions, that characterize a demoparty.) It will be located in Manhattan at Babycastles, and the party will draw on the expertise of the group there, which hosts and produces more than 100 events per year, along with the expertise of team members who have run parties and compos before.


Date/Time: Jan.8 Friday, 7:15pm - 7:30pm
Speaker: Aaron Oliker, Khronos New York Chapter leader
Topic: Khronos overview and WebGL

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