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Computer Vision Festival
Computer Vision Festival Banner
June 22-24, 2021

Event is now over

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The next level - AI is not yet perfect, but it’s on the rise and getting better with computer vision.

Our Computer Vision Festival spans 3-days, focusing on:

Day 1 - The Strategic Direction
Notebooks at the ready, this is going to be epic. Action-packed with high-level strategic insights from computer vision leaders across the globe. Presentations will circle around how computer vision can inspire product innovations, increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction & cost savings both on the processes and business strategies.

Day 2 - The Technical Deep Dive
With a boat-load of insights spilled on day 1, get ready as we’re jumping into the technical depths for day 2. Whether you’re looking for new ideas, solutions, inspiration, or just curious as to how the innovators do it, this day is definitely for you.

Day 3 - The Innovation Drive
We’re heading into calmer waters for day 3. Filled with panel discussions & fireside chats, you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and check-in with the experts as they discuss industry challenges & success stories.

Whether you’re leadership looking for a new strategic direction, a technical engineer or an AI enthusiast this is the event for you.

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