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COLLADA presents at Lyon GDC 2007
December 3-4, 2007
Lyon, Centre de Congrès

Event is now over

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COLLADA - An intermediate format for game developers

Speaker: Remi Arnaud, Sr. Graphics Architect, Intel & Khronos

Remi is working in the Advanced Visual Computing group at Intel as Sr. Graphics Architect. He previously worked in the R&D department of Thomson Training & Simulation leading the Space Magic real-time visual system, at Silicon Graphics managing the IRIS Performer software toolkit, as co-founder and Director of Technology at Intrinsic Graphics designing the Alchemy engine, and lately as Graphics Architect at Sony Computer Entertainment US R&D working on the PLAYSTATION®3 SDK.

Brief Introduction

Thousands of 3D content developers are taking advantage of COLLADA already, saving time and money. This presentation is an overview of COLLADA, and a survey of the tools available, followed by a Q&A.


Attendees will discover how they take advantage of COLLADA in their content pipeline.

Intended audience

This presentation is for all audience, artist and programmers, that want to discover COLLADA, or want to learn more about this technology and all the possible usages

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