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COLLADA at the Paris Game Developers Conference 2008
June 23 - 24 2008
Coeur Défense, Paris

Event is now over

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Intended Audience

The technical artist or game developer will benefit from seeing and hearing how a reference game engine has been developed with the foresight to take advantage of an industry standard content description language which can help game developers to better define and reuse their art and game behaviour content.

Take away

Attendees will learn a better understanding of how to identify areas in their own pipelines that can be instantly improved and then some direction on where they can improve their pipeline towards the ultimatum goal of “it just works!”


An evaluation of the current state of the content pipeline in game development and a discussion of where we believe the future of content pipelines will go and how Khronos and Collada technologies can be a part of this. We will highlight common pipeline flaws and discuss potential solutions. Specifically we will discuss how the Collada format can help to optimize and unify your existing content pipeline. If you are careful in how you design your pipeline and tools you should be able to easily support external channels into your pipeline (i.e. Outsourcing, contracting and the MOD community). The more locally dependant the pipeline the harder it is to source external partners to support your content goals.



Mark Subotnick is a long time entertainment producer. He started his career in the late 80’s as a club promoter in San Francisco. He entered his career in video games in 1993 working for SEGA of America. Mark worked as a tester, producer, and developer relations manager during his past 15 years in video games. Mark is known to be loud, fun and a bit crazy. He recently left a job at Microsoft working on Xbox and Xbox Live to join Intel as the Executive Producer of Project offset.


Rod Green has been working in the video game industry for the last 9 years quickly progressing from a junior artist to a lead and company director in this time. He has contributed to 11 published game titles involved in all areas of development with a focus on technical art and pipeline design.

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