CEDEC 2007 Sponsored Session

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September 26-28 2007
University of Tokyo (Downtown Tokyo, Japan)

CEDEC is the largest game developer’s conference.

If you are interested in CEDEC, please contact Hitoshi Kasai, Japan liaison of The Khronos Group for the application and any other questions.

Khronos Session

Khronos members to team up with presentation at CEDEC sponsor session on September 26

Neil Trevett will host the session and Keisuke Kirii, Director of Business Development of Digital Media Professionals (DMP) to speak OpenGL ES and OpenVG, Masanori Fukumoto, Software Engineer from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. will speak about COLLADA.

Scheduled the week after Tokyo Game Show 2007.
Scheduled simultaneously with DiGRA 2007 at University of Tokyo. Crossover session will be planned on
coordination between industrial and academic sectors.
Organized as part of the International Content Carnival under the initiative of the Ministry of Economy, Trade
and Industry Speakers representing various industries and other nation invited for a special session, with
METI support.
Collaboration with animation and film industries, allowing information communication to related industries.

Benefit for lectures at CEDEC
Open disclosure as admission-free session.
In contrast to regular sessions that require payment of a fee, a sponsorship session can be made available
free of charge, requiring only registration. This will enable the attendance of a large audience.

Effective marketing to targets becomes possible
Effective communication and information distribution to participants is possible through questionnaires,
information gathering, flier distribution and other activities.
Session PR support will be provided to your company at CEDEC, information will be distributed actively
through press releases, Web site and email, supporting your company in increasing your presence and
attracting an audience to your sessions.