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AWE 2021

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November 9-11, 2021

Join the most valuable community to connect, learn, and grow your business and personal life with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. AWE focuses on Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), immersive technologies and enabling technologies (eg. Artificial Intelligence-AI, interaction, haptics, 5G, streaming and more). With over 1 billion users and the majority of the Fortune 1000’s on board, finally Spatial Computing has entered the mainstream - it’s time to go spatial! Learn from those solving major technical challenges, bringing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality into new sectors, considering ethical and legal issues, promoting diversity, and working on the cutting edge of AR/VR development.

Attendees can receive a 20% discount through the Khronos Group by using this code: KHRONOS20D

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