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AutoSens 2019, Brussels
AutoSens 2019, Brussels Banner
September 17-19, 2019
Autoworld, Brussels, Belgium

Event is now over

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AutoSens is a world class conference addressing the future of self-driving vehicles

AutoSens gets right to the heart of the challenges facing vision system engineers of today and tomorrow.

Open Minds to Open Standards for the Deep Learning Automotive Solutions

Thursday, September 19, 11:35am to noon | Minerva Seminar Room
Presented by Stephane Strahm of Kalray

Overview: In order to temper the automotive industry’s rapidly advancing connected technology, standards are being evaluated or created to improve interoperability of components as system complexity grows. This is happening nowhere more so than in the area of intelligent data compute for tactical driving systems – autonomous vehicles. Khronos’ open standards are a key solution to providing versatility in the supply chain and embracing more of the collective AI development community to solve tomorrow’s goals. This presentation will take you through the success of Khronos open standards for machine learning, embedded vision and heterogeneous compute and show you how you can participate to shape the future of safety-critical APIs required for autonomous software solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Safety critical open standards opens up interoperability possibilities
  • Allow for versatility in your supply chain
  • Khronos open standards give you a say in defining the API features specification
  • Influence a specification that is compatible with your competitor’s supplier product
  • Spread the intellectual work load across suppliers with a common interface
  • Increase the adoption of your products by using Open Standards
  • Get an overview and understanding of the deep learning compute stacks used in automotive and the open standards available from Khronos for vendors.
  • Khronos can provide a platform to develop new open standard safety critical APIs
  • Help define compatibility and open up innovation using open standards

Other Themes to be addressed at AutoSens 2019

  • Developments in sensor technologies, including camera monitoring systems, LIDAR, radar, and time-of-flight imaging
  • Functional safety and testing, including real world versus virtual validation
  • Driver and compartment monitoring on the way towards autonomous vehicles
  • Image quality and standardization
  • How to improve the performance and safety of automated vehicles
  • Image and signal processing requirements
  • How computer vision affects camera design and SOC design
  • Incorporating AI and deep learning into embedded systems
  • Regulation/ethics considerations for self-driving vehicles
  • Human factors in sensor and autonomous vehicle design
  • Mapping and localization for driverless vehicles

Can We Have Both Safety and Performance in AI for Autonomous Vehicles?


Thursday, September 19, 12 noon | Minerva Seminar Room
Presented by Andrew Richards, Codeplay

  • An introduction on implementing AI on appropriate processor architectures
  • The issues in making AI safe enough for automotive autonomous systems
  • The relevant standards and how to achieve both safety + performance with them

Panel Discussion

Thursday, September 19, 12:25 noon | Minerva Seminar Room
Presented by Illya Rudkin, Principal Software Engineer, Codeplay Software

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