AutoSens 2016

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AuoSens Germany SYCL
September 20-22, 2016
Brussels, Belgium

AutoSens connects technologists in all disciplines of vehicle perception to network, collaborate, solve shared challenges and advance ADAS technologies more rapidly. Bringing together engineers from several engineering disciplines including automotive imaging, LiDAR, radar, image processing, computer vision, in-car networking, testing and validation, certification and standards, AutoSens is a collaborative environment geared towards supporting engineering activities.

There will be talks on a range of Khronos APIs, including OpenCL and SYCL from Khronos members.

Khronos Related Schedule

The necessary open standards enabling vision processing in ADAS

Speaker: Dr Andrew Richards, Founder and CEO, Codeplay Software, UK
Date: September 22nd
Time: 12 Noon
Location: Mezzanine Room

  • The benefits of Open Standards and relevance for automotive vision processing
  • Bringing OpenCLTM and SYCLTM into the frame
  • Faster development and high performance with Codeplay’s vision library