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ARM TechCon

November 10-12, 2015
Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA

Event is now over

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ARM TechCon 2015 delivers an at-the-forefront comprehensive forum created to ignite the development and optimization of future ARM-based embedded products. By offering three full days of technical tracks, demonstrations, and industry insight from broad and deep levels of industry-leading companies and innovative start-ups, ARM TechCon remains more than a tradeshow; it is a comprehensive learning environment for the entire embedded community, uniting the software and hardware communities.


Khronos APIs for Fast and Cool Graphics, Compute and Vision

Neil Trevett: President of the Khronos Group
Website: ARM Tech Con
Location: Ballroom E
Date: Tuesday, November 10
Time: 11:30am - 12:20pm
Format: 50-minute Technical Session
Track: Automotive/Embedded Vision
Pass Type: Conference Pass - Get your pass now!
Audience Level: All

Discover how 100 companies cooperate at the Khronos Group to create open, royalty free standards that enable developers to access the power of hardware to accelerate the demanding tasks in cutting-edge mobile applications including heterogeneous parallel computation, 3D graphics and vision processing. This session includes the latest updates to API standards including OpenGL, OpenCL, OpenVX, and the recent Vulkan new generation graphics and compute API. The session will explore how modern APIs will accelerate the availability of compelling experiences such as neural-net based driver assistance, virtual and augmented reality, and advanced environmental tracking and 3D reconstruction on ARM-based devices


  • How to select API standards that provide application performance, power efficiency and portability
  • How compute and vision APIs may be suitable for different types of project
  • How 3D APIs are evolving to provide explicit GPU access
  • What classes of application are enabled by new API capabilities

Intended Audience

General knowledge of software development on mobile platforms

Khronos Members

  • AMD
  • ARM
  • Cadence
  • CEVA
  • Freescale
  • MediaTek
  • Mentor Graphics
  • NXP
  • Renesas
  • Synopsys

Conference Code of Conduct: The Khronos Group is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. Visit our Code of Conduct page to learn more.

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