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AREA WorkinAR Session
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June 23, 2021

Event is now over

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Overview of event

One size AR does not meet all use case requirements. And no AR supplier is the world’s leader in all domains and features. As a result, when building, maintaining or using enterprise AR solutions, we must choose and work with a variety of components, often from different vendors.

When combining components, engineers can build and insert custom code “glue” to connect off the shelf products, or the product suppliers can implement standards and agreed-upon interfaces for interoperability “out of the box.” The purpose of this session is to offer members of AR teams insights and help everyone get up to speed with the terminologies, the goals, challenges, approaches and current status of enterprise AR interoperability.


This session provides a strong foundation from which engineers, developers, architects, decision makers and anyone responsible for AR adoption, can build a strategy and implement a concrete plan for interoperable AR to maximize flexibility of component usage, reduce costs and increase innovation in the enterprise AR ecosystem. The panelists will discuss why and how to build, choose and use interlocking, swappable AR components that comply with standards to assemble and deploy complex yet robust AR solutions. Performance improvements, reduced costs and a rich and dynamic supplier ecosystem are some of the benefits of successful standards.

Panelists include:

  • Christine Perey – PEREY Research & Consulting, and chair of the AREA Research Committee
  • Dan McPeters – Advanced Technologies Research Engineer at Newport News Shipbuilding
  • Neil Trevett – VP Developer Ecosystems at NVIDIA | President, The Khronos Group
  • Scott Simmons – Chief Standards Officer at Open Geospatial Consortium

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