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Khronos Events Date Location
Tokyo OpenGL ES Programming Course - Mar Mar 29-30, 2007 DMP Seminar Room 7F Mitaka Takagi Building. 1-15-5 Nakacho, Musashino-shi,Tokyo 180-0006 Japan
Emerging Technology Forums @ CTIA Wireless March 26, 2007 Orlando FL - Orange County Convention Center - The Khronos Group sessions are near the exhibit area, upstairs in the west building in rooms W303 and W304. - View PDF map of building layout
Note: We reference W303 on this map because it is actually a little easier to identify. W304 is larger and has several entrances, whereas W303 only has one.
OGC/GITA Emerging Technology Summit March 21, 2007 Melrose Hotel - 2430 Pennsylvania Ave. NW - Washington, D.C.
Amsterdam Multimedia Handsets Mar 20-22, 2007 Amsterdam RAI, Amsterdam
Charlotte NC Virtual Reality 2007 Mar 11, 2007 Charlotte NC
Hilton Charlotte Center City