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Applied GPGPU-day 2013
June 20, 2013
Science Park, Amsterdam

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.

After the success of the GPGPU-day 2012, a new GPGPU event will be organised in the Netherlands. This year there will be less theory and more applications.


09:300:30Conference space open with coffee and tea.
10:000:05Door closing, program will start
10:050:25Introduction to GPGPU and GPU-architecturesStreamComputingVincent Hindriksen
10:300:10Welcome talkSURFsara
10:400:30Blender Cycles & Tiles: Enhancing user experienceAtMind bvMonique Dewanchand & Jeroen Bakker
11:250:30XeonPhi vs K20: The fight of the titansSURFsaraEvghenii Gaburov
11:550:30A real-time simulation technique for ship-ship and ship-port interactionPMH bvJo Pinkster
13:200:30CUDA Accelerated Neural NetworksLIACSAna Balevic
13:500:30Efficient Reconstruction of Biological Networks via Transitive Reduction on GPUsTU EindhovenAnton Wijs
14:400:30Running Petsc on GPUs with an example from fluid dynamicsSURFsaraThomas Geenen
15:100:30Connected Component Labelling, an embarrassingly sequential algorithmLeeuwarden UniversityJaap van de Loosdrecht
16:000:30Visualizing sound and vibrations using a GPU and a 1024-channel microphone arrayTU EindhovenWouter Ouwens
16:300:30Gravitational N-body simulations on 1 to many GPUsLeiden observatoryJeroen Bédorf
17:00Borrel (drinks)

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