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Amsterdam Multimedia Handsets

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.

Audience Takeaway: Handsets are becoming the predominant personal computing platform and sophisticated media processing will be central to this revolution. Khronos Members recognize that there is a significant opportunity for the entire rich-media food chain: Silicon, middleware, platforms, application, carriers and have organized to develop the tools and technology require to quickly capitalize on this opportunity. This presentation will detail the need for an embedded media ecosystem and how Khronos open standards fulfill that need.

Intended audience: Developers, content providers, carriers and device OEMs interested in bringing compelling content to handhelds

Main event: Multimedia Handsets (March 20-22, 2007) is the only conference focused on bringing together operators, handset manufacturers, content providers and chipset manufacturers to discuss the technological and strategic issues concerning multimedia handsets

March 21, 2007 Presentations

14:15 OpenKODE: An open standard accelerated media stack

Neil Trevett, Vice President of Embedded Content at NVIDIA, Khronos Group President

  • Identifying the key benefits of this accelerated media stack (royalty-free, cross platform, streamlining of handheld application deployment)
  • Assessing the suitability of OpenKODE for accelerated user interfaces.
  • Will OpenKODE lead to defragmentation of the native content market? What consequences may this have for the future of mobile gaming?
  • Evaluating the ability of OpenKODE to enable native content distribution models.

14:45 The impact of standards-based multimedia on the mobile experience

Phil Atkin, Director of Strategic Marketing, Handheld GPU Business Unit, NVIDIA, UK

  • Hardware acceleration for enhanced performance and improved battery life.
  • Applying OpenGL ES for gaming, 3D mapping and advanced UI.
  • Presenting Open G for UI, 2D mapping and font rendering.
  • Demonstrating the use of OpenMax for digital video.
  • NVIDIA GoForce 5500 demonstrations.
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