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5th Scandinavian Conference on System & Software Safety
Codeplay talk on Khronos Safety Critical
May 22-23, 2017
Spårvagnshallarna, Stockholm, Sweden

Event is now over

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The conference on system and software safety is a central meeting place for Scandinavian safety experts from different industries. It is an opportunity to share experiences and make new contacts. There will be an overview day followed by a day of parallel sessions with in depth presentations and discussions about different challenges, techniques, standards and methods.

Day 2 - Schedule

Workshop 3

Illya Rudkin - Codeplay: Standardizing Technologies for Safety Critical Systems

The Khronos Group has experienced a surge in the demand for standardized safety critical technologies. So much that the Khronos Group has had to change how it works with developing standards for safety critical applications. In order to facilitate this work, the Khronos Group created the Safety Critical Advisory Panel, a panel tasked with putting together specific requirements and guidelines for the design of standardized safety critical technologies.

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