5-day intensive OpenGL™ ES & EGL training seminar

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May 11 2009 - May 15 2009
Milpitas, CA
Intelligraphics is pleased to announce a 5-day intensive OpenGL™ ES & EGL training course. This course is tailor-made with driver developers in mind primarily focusing on OpenGL™ v1.1 and ES v2.0 for embedded systems development. The course also presents EGL v1.3 concepts and programming for creating drawing surfaces and initializing contexts. Although the main focus of the class is OpenGL™ for embedded systems it also serves as a great primer for any version of OpenGL™ since ES v1.x was derived from OpenGL™ v1.5 and ES v2.0 was derived from OpenGL™ v2.0. This course is designed for programmers who will be writing graphics applications, demos and test cases with OpenGL™ ES for the embedded environment. The class is intended for both driver and application developers. Developers will benefit from the class by obtaining an in-depth understanding of the OpenGL™ ES API and the OpenGL™ graphics pipeline. Developers will also gain the ability to quickly create and refine OpenGL™ ES test cases on the windows platform and then easily port in their embedded environments. The course provides definitive and comprehensive information on OpenGL™ concepts with various hands-on lab exercises to reinforce the lessons. The instructor emphasizes fundamentals by providing students with the basic foundation of OpenGL™ concepts and builds upon that model with more complex capabilities emulating real-world scenarios. Our instructor led courses are more than lectures; they give students hands-on practice in developing applications. Intelligraphics provides students with everything needed to complete the course. Students learn quickly with hands-on exercises and get immediate answers to their questions from our experienced instructor. The course manual serves as a comprehensive reference guide for use after the course. The course size is limited to give students greater personal attention and an opportunity to discuss their questions one-on-one with the instructor.