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August 9-13, 2021

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.

Khronos BOF Series at SIGGRAPH 2021 - August 9-12

Come and hear the latest updates from the Khronos working groups that are creating the standards to enable your next application or project!

A basic attendee pass is required to attend SIGGRAPH BOF sessions. You can register at

Khronos Fast Forward: Rapid-fire overview of all things Khronos including Vulkan, WebGL, OpenXR, ANARI, glTF and 3D Commerce - Aug 9, 1pm-2pm PDT

Developers everywhere rely on Khronos open standards for cross-platform, high-performance 3D graphics, AR/VR, parallel computation, vision processing, machine learning acceleration and more. Khronos is a member-funded consortium, that any company or university can join. Come and hear the very latest updates from the Khronos working groups that are creating the standards to enable your next application or project!

OpenXR: On an HMD near you now! - Aug 10, 1pm-2pm PDT

OpenXR is turning two and is being widely adopted. Discover what devices, applications and engines are using OpenXR - and what is coming next!

Building the Open Metaverse - 10 Aug 10, 10am-11:30am

Presenters:Patrick Cozzi - Cesium, Mark Petit - Epic Games

The 3D engine of today may be the web browser of tomorrow. The metaverse will be an open immersive network for gaming, social, and enterprise collaboration, enabled by the advancement of a breadth of graphics technology, including game engines, AR wearables, real-world scans, and VR. We are still finding our footing, but one thing is clear: the metaverse will be built collaboratively by many organizations where openness and interoperability are core values of this ecosystem of ecosystems. Come hear from the technical folks from different organizations who are building metaverse foundations and bring your discussion topics.

3D Commerce: The art and business of using 3D models in retail at pervasive scale - Aug 10, 3pm-4:30pm PDT

Presenters: Nathaniel Hunter (Dreamview), Max Limper (DGG), Jatinder Kukreja (SuperDNA), Pawel Nikiel (CGTrader)

The Web is 3D (this time for real). Business cases for creating and using 3D models for your web & mobile properties on all platforms are becoming promoted by many organizations. Attendees at this BOF will be shown in hands-on instruction how to do that using several standard modeling tools (e.g., Blender, Max, Maya) that all produce glTF output. Quality control will be addressed with Certified Viewers. All attendees will be provided reference material that includes modeling instruction, code resources, and contacts.

An exploration of pervasive 3D in geospatial with glTF - Aug 11, 10am-11am PDT

Presenters: Leonard Daly (Daly Realism/The Khronos Group), Sam Suhag (Cesium), Jerome St. Louis (Ecere), Ryan Franz (FlightSafety), Scott Simmons (OGC), Jordan Dauble (SimBlocks), Glen Johnson (SimBlocks), Tamarat Belayneh (ESRI)

A look at what it takes to incorporate 3D models of buildings, terrain, and environment into Geospatial applications. Specific examples include Cesium, Unreal Engine (4 and 5), and others from the Geospatial community. The presenters will examine specific problems raised by attendees.

Vulkan without boundaries: Case studies from the real world - Aug 11, 1pm-3pm PDT

Presenters: Jerran Schmidt (Autodesk), Coen Klösters (NAP Framework), Steven Winston (Holochip), Tom Olson (Arm)

Vulkan is being implemented in numerous and increasingly diverse projects than ever before. Join us for a look at a number of exciting real-world projects that make use of the Vulkan API in new and interesting ways. Developers from each project will present on their key learnings, end results and motivations for choosing Vulkan. The final minutes of each session will also include a Q&A period and the BOF will finish with a short update on the state of the Vulkan API from Tom Olson the Vulkan Chair.

Hands on with glTF: Making 3D pervasive - Aug 12, 10am-11:30am PDT

Presenters: Brent Scannell (Autodesk), Norbert Nopper (UX3D), Moritz Becher (UX3D), Eric Chadwick (Wayfair), Adam Morris (Target)

Models in the glTF format are available from most online shops and tool chains. This BOF shows you through demos, hands-on instruction, demos, resources, demos, roadmaps and … did we mention demos? Attendees will see and learn many techniques to create models with the latest visual features using physically-based rendering. Attendees will also have the opportunity to get a sneak-peak and suggest capabilities for the glTF roadmap.


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Khronos-related Courses, Papers, and BOFs


Time Organizer Description
Ensure Correct Vulkan Synchronization by Using Synchronization Validation

Mon, 9 August
10am - 11:30am

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John Zulauf, LunarG
Jeremy Gebben, LunarG

Correct synchronization is needed to ensure correct results from Vulkan API operations (whether graphical or computational). This session will focus on this open-source synchronization solution and share the following: 1) an overview of Vulkan Synchronization including the new Synchronization2 extension, and 2) Using Synchronization Validation to verify correct synchronization. Topics will include the theory of operation, interpreting error messages, debugging tips, common errors, known case studies, and what’s next for Vulkan Synchronization Validation -- followed by Q & A. Bring your questions!

Join us to learn more about these very valuable Vulkan ecosystem tools!

Simplify Vulkan Development with new Ecosystem Enhancements

Mon, 9 August
11:30am - 12:30pm

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Karen Ghavam, LunarG
The Vulkan ecosystem continues to evolve and improve. In the past two years, key ecosystem tools have been updated to help simplify development for the Vulkan community. This session will discuss enhancements that
  1. Add validation for Vulkan Synchronization and Synchronization2;
  2. Replace trace/replay functionality with a new GFXReconstruct tool;
  3. Add shader toolchain API libraries to the SDK for glslang, ShaderC, SPIRV-Cross, SPIRV-Tools, and DXC;
  4. Add a Debug Printf validation layer object;
  5. Add GPU-Assisted validation enhancements.

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