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ODSC East - Boston 2020
ODSC East - Boston 2020 Banner
April 13-17, 2020

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.

ODSC East 2020 is gearing up to be their largest and most exciting conference yet. Not only will they have 100+ workshops and hands-on training sessions, 200+ speakers, and 400 hours of content, they’ll also have numerous opportunities for you to learn from and network with your peers and our expert speakers. Attend the dinner and drinks with data scientists, ODSC Networking Reception, Meet the Experts, Meet the Speakers, AI Investor Reverse Pitch, and much more. Use code ODSC_TheKhronosGroup right now to save 20% on your ticket to ODSC East 2020.

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