2019 - VR Ecosystems & Standards Workshop

Event is now over

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April 15-16, 2019
Sony Studios, Culver City, CA, USA

Immersive Media Meets 5G – Speakers & Chairs

The Workshop on “Immersive Media Meets 5G” will start on Monday 15th April at 9:00 and close on Tuesday 16th April at 18:00.

The Workshop includes the following sessions:

  • XR Content Production: Immersive formats, production systems and workflows.
  • XR & 5G Hardware Ecosystems: immersive media device update, expected Quality of Experience, computation requirements and distribution, device and network connectivity requirements.
  • XR & 5G Operators/Service Provider expectations: short/mid-term platform/network requirements for VR, AR, MR services ?
  • XR & 5G Standardization activities: a review of ongoing standardization activities from 3GPP, VR-IF, MPEG and other industry groups dealing with XR and/or 5G.

Each of these half-day session will contain presentations from major XR & 5G industry players and discussion with the speakers and the audience. There will be Keynote Presentations by Sony Pictures and the Advanced Imaging Society. A demonstration area will feature key innovations in VR, AR, XR and 5G.

Standardizing XR: How OpenXR Will Simplify XR Hardware and Software Development

Speaker: Brent Insko, OpenXR chair; Intel AR/VR Architect