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July 28–Aug. 1, 2019
JW Marriott LA Live, Los Angeles California

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.

Khronos standards are fundamental to many of the technologies on display at SIGGRAPH. Look for the examples of the latest updates to many of our standards in many of our members’ and partners’ booths and technical sessions, and attend one of our BOF sessions for the latest.

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Thank you to our Khronos-member sponsors NVIDIA, LunarG, Cesium and AMD for helping to make our networking reception possible:

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Session Videos

Khronos BOFs: Wednesday, July 31

Location: Diamond Ballroom 7-10, JW Marriott LA Live, Los Angeles California. You do NOT need a pass to attend our BOFs.

Our BOF Day of individual BOF sessions covering the Khronos standards below will be on Wednesday, July 31 in the Diamond Ballroom 7-10 at the JW Marriott LA Live, in Los Angeles California. Bookmark this page and check back, or subscribe to our newsletter to get a session list in your inbox.

If you are unable to attend our BOF Day, you can still watch our livestreams:

Khronos Fast Forward - 9am

Rapid-fire overview of all things Khronos.

glTF: Efficient 3D Models - 10am

The latest news on the glTF tools ecosystem, extensions, and specification. Developers and artists can learn what's new in glTF, the efficient API-neutral 3D format with PBR materials. Presentations for some of the below sessions can be found here.

  • glTF state of the union: Ed Mackey (AGI) (Video | Slides)
  • Renee Rashid (Facebook) (Video | Slides)
  • 3D Tiles & KTX2 in CesiumJS: Omar Shehata (Cesium) (Video | Slides)
  • Automating the 3D Processing Pipeline: Max Limper (DGG) (Video | Slides)
  • From 3D Scan to Efficient Online & AR Presentation (glTF, BabylonJS) (Video | Slides)
  • Georgios Karnas (Uber) (Video | Slides)
  • glTF editor and tools: Fabian Wahlster and Moritz Becher (UX3D) (Video | Slides)
  • glTF with Esri JS API: David Körner (Esri) (Video | Slides)
  • Alban Denoyel (Sketchfab) (Video | Slides)
  • AR Search at Google is powered by glTF 2.0: Adrian Perez (Google) (Video | Slides)
    We will share some insights into what led us there, and how we hope to collaborate in making this format even better.
  • Khronos 3D Commerce: Shrenik Sadalgi (Wayfair) (Video | Slides)

WebGL: Latest Techniques - 11am

Come see the latest techniques for deploying GPU-accelerated 3D content to the World Wide Web via HTML5 and WebGL. Meet the community and ask your pressing questions! Presentations for some of the below sessions can be found here.

Standardizing All the Realities: A Look at OpenXR - 1pm

An update on OpenXR, including the application and device interfaces and interoperability between different hardware. Epic Games, Microsoft and Varjo will demonstrate cross-platform XR applications within the same OpenXR API, showing how the standard helps to reduce industry fragmentation.

Vulkan Sessions - 2pm

  • Vulkan Update: Tom Olson (Arm), Piers Daniell (NVIDIA) & Yuriy O’Donnell (Epic Games) (Video | Slides)
    Join us for a fast-paced review of what's happened in Vulkan over the past year, including new features, tools, and applications, plus a look at what the future holds.
  • Vulkan Timeline Semaphores: James Jones (NVIDIA) (Video | Slides)
    James will discuss how this simpler, more powerful synchronization primitive overcomes the limitations of the existing Vulkan semaphore and fence objects, eases the burden on developers, and reduces synchronization overhead.
  • OctaneRender on Vulkan: Jules Urbach (Otoy) (Video | Slides)
    Jules Urbach, CEO and Co-Founder of OTOY, is excited to announce OctaneRender will be completely rebuilt for Vulkan in the next year. Join Jules as he shows off OctaneRender for Vulkan, and more!
  • DXC Update - HLSL to SPIR-V for Vulkan: Ehsan Nasiri (Google) (Video | Slides)
    This talk provides an introduction and updates on HLSL compilation to SPIR-V for Vulkan using Microsoft DirectX Shader Compiler (DXC).
  • Ecosystem Advancements to Aid Vulkan Developers: Mark Lobodzinski (LunarG) (Video | Slides),
    Karen Ghavam (LunarG) (Video | Slides)
    LunarG update on the advancements in validation layers capabilities and the Vulkan SDK tools to improve the Vulkan developer experience.
  • OpenGL / OpenGL ES Update: Piers Daniell (NVIDIA) (Video | Slides)
    An update from the OpenGL/OpenGL ES working group chair.
  • Zink - OpenGL on Vulkan: Erik Faye-Lund (Collabora) (Video | Slides)
    Then, an introduction to Zink, a fully open source OpenGL implementation built on top of the Vulkan API, allowing IHVs to write one driver to support both Vulkan and OpenGL clients.
  • ANGLE on Vulkan: Portable OpenGL: Jamie Madill (Google) (Video | Slides)
    A brief update on efforts to create a conformant OpenGL ES/EGL implementation on top of Vulkan.
  • SwiftShader Vulkan: Alexis Hetu (Google) (Video | Slides)
    Presentation of the current state of SwiftShader Vulkan, a Vulkan 1.1 conformant implementation which runs on CPUs

Khronos Networking Reception - 5:30pm

Khronos Bunnies

Location: Diamond Ballroom 7-10, JW Marriott LA Live, Los Angeles California

Join us after a day of BOFs at the Khronos networking reception, sponsored by our members. Have a beer or two, talk with Khronos presenters, see demos, and network with fellow developers. The speakers from many of the Khronos BOF sessions will be in attendance and will be ready to answer your questions or just say "Hi!"


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3D Commerce BOF: Thursday, August 1

Location: Room 507, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles California.

Moving "3D in Commerce" Forward with Khronos: A Call for Participation - 10am

3D is a powerful merchandising medium poised to become ubiquitous in retail; however, real-time 3D content cannot be experienced consistently across platforms and devices. Consequently, production and consumption of 3D virtual products is currently unscalable, siloed and expensive. Learn how Khronos is bringing the industry together to align on standards and guidelines that will make experiencing 3D virtual products consistent no matter where and how they are viewed. Come hear about the latest developments inside the Khronos 3D Commerce Group and how you can get involved to move the 3D industry forward.

  • Neil Trevett: NVIDIA
  • Shrenik Sadalgi: Wayfair
  • Tony Parisi: Unity
  • Jon Wade: Shopify

Khronos-related Courses, Papers, and BOFs

Time Place Description
Advances in Real-Time Rendering in Games: Part 1

Mon, 29 July
9am - 12:15pm

Click to View

Room 408AB Modern video games employ a variety of sophisticated algorithms to produce groundbreaking 3D rendering, pushing the visual boundaries and interactive experience of rich environments. This course brings state-of-the-art and production-proven rendering techniques for fast, interactive rendering of complex and engaging virtual worlds.
Advances in Real-Time Rendering in Games: Part 2

Mon, 29 July
2pm - 5:15pm

Click to View

Room 408AB Modern video games employ a variety of sophisticated algorithms to produce groundbreaking 3D rendering, pushing the visual boundaries and interactive experience of rich environments. This course brings state-of-the-art and production-proven rendering techniques for fast, interactive rendering of complex and engaging virtual worlds.
Vulkan: Best Practices for Using and Contributing to the Vulkan Validation Layers

Tues, 30 July
9:30am - 10:30am

Click to View

Room 507
This Birds of a Feather is for Vulkan developers that use and/or contribute to the validation layers open source project. Hear the latest from Google and LunarG open source project leads. Share your feedback and learn how to contribute.
Vulkan SDK Updates and Community Feedback

Tues, 30 July
1pm - 2pm

Click to View

Room 507 This Birds of a Feather session is for users of the Vulkan SDK and open-source Vulkan ecosystem tools. Come learn about current and future plans for the SDK and share your feedback.
Real-Time Ray Tracing - Special Topics and Latest Research

Wed, 31 July
9:00 AM - 10:45 AM

Click to View

Room 501AB NVIDIA presents the results of our latest research in real-time ray tracing.


Khronos Members and Associates Exhibiting at SIGGRAPH

You can find a complete list of Siggraph Exhibitors here.

Khronos Member Booths

  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) – Booth: 1441
  • Amazon – Booth: 1203
  • Autodesk – Booth: 1211
  • Dell Inc. – Booth: 727
  • DGG – Booth: 5
  • Epic Games - Unreal Engine – Booth: 1319
  • Fraunhofer IIS – Booth: 644
  • Intel Corporation – Booth: 1217
  • Microsoft Corporation – Booth: 1351
  • NVIDIA Corporation – Booth: 1303 , 1313
  • Oculus Medium – Booth: 961
  • OTOY, Inc. – Booth: 1141
  • Tobii AB – Booth: 823
  • Unity Technologies – Booth: 1241
  • VRgineers, Inc. – Booth: 954

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