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Linley Fall Processor Conference 2019
Linley Fall Processor Conference 2019 Banner
October 23-24, 2019
Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, CA

Event is now over

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The Linley Fall Processor Conference is a two-day conference features technical presentations addressing processors and IP cores for AI applications, embedded, data center, and communications. In addition to over 20 technical presentations by experts from the companies leading the industry, the conference program will include a keynote session covering the latest market, technology, equipment-design, and silicon trends; also featured will be an AI-focused keynote from Facebook.

The Linley Fall Processor Conference includes presentations on the latest processor chips, processor IP and other technology required for the following applications.

  • Data Center Technologies
  • AI at the Edge
  • Accelerating AI SoCs
  • AI in the Data Center
  • SoCs for Edge Devices
  • AI for IoT Devices
  • Security
  • AI in Automotive
  • Plus other related technologies

Khronos Member Participants

Using Industry-Standard Techniques to Accelerate AI Software

Speaker: Andrew Richards, CEO, Codeplay
Date & Time: October 23 | 1:30pm-3:00pm

This presentation is an introduction to industry-standard approaches AI developers use to develop cutting-edge high-performance intelligent software. The latest AI techniques require huge amounts of processing power that can only be delivered by very powerful accelerator processors that create new software challenges.

White Paper

Accelerating AI Performance in an Open Software Ecosystem

This whitepaper discusses the pro's of using SYCL, which has multivendor support and enables customers to move to higher performance hardware while retaining software flexibility.

Download Whitepaper

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