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2018 Game Dev Days - Vulkan
2018 Game Dev Days - Vulkan Banner
August 31 - September, 2018
Lecture Theatre i7, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria

Event is now over

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Game Dev Days Graz is a community event for everyone who is interested in game development: connecting industry, indies, academia, research.

Vulkan – Industry Forged

Date: Friday August 31
Time: 16:10

Maybe you have heard of Vulkan, the new graphics API? Why should you as a game developer care about it anyway, if you are already using an engine like Unity or Unreal? What's the difference to OpenGL or DirectX? You know all that already, but you heard it's time consuming to use and wonder why you should give it a try? You have already tried it, but the validation layer complains about your pipeline barrier not having the correct flags and you don't know why? In this talk I want to answer the questions you have about Vulkan with the knowledge and experience I gained during over a year of using it.

Speaker: Jörg Müller

I am currently a PhD student at the Insitute for Computer Graphics and Vision at Graz University of Technology under the supervision of Ass. Prof. Markus Steinberger and Prof. Dieter Schmalstieg. I received a master’s degree in Telematics (Information and Computer Engineering) in 2015 from Graz University of Technology. From 2015 to 2016 I worked as a researcher in the Advanced Concepts Team of the European Space Agency in the field of Artificial Intelligence. My research interests are mainly in the fields of Visual Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

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