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2018 Blender Conference - glTF
2018 Blender Conference - glTF Banner
October 25-27, 2018
De Balie, Amsterdam

Event is now over

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Using Blender in space industry - Airbus D&S

Date: Saturday 27 October
Location: Theater
Speaker: Julien Duroure

In this presentation, we propose an overview of the work of our team in Airbus Defence & Space:

  • How we setup a pipeline for 3D visualisation of industrial products, and how we use blender & glTF file format to get away fbx from our pipeline.
  • How we use motion capture for some short films, and how Blender, python API & open source addons help us to manage some shots.
  • How we use Blender to produce some short films. We used Blender for the main steps of our productions, 2D layout, 3D layout, modelling, animation, lighting, rendering and compositing.
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