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Khronos at SIGGRAPH
July 30 - August 3, 2017
Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.

Khronos standards are fundamental to many of the technologies on display at SIGGRAPH. Look for the examples of the latest updates of many of our APIs in many of our members’ and partners’ booths.

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BOF Video from Live Stream

Khronos BOFs

The BOF Blitz will be held on August 2, 2017: JW Marriott LA Live, Platinum Ballroom F-J. You do NOT need a pass to attend our BOFs.


Khronos BOF Video Playlist

Also available directly on youtube here.


OpenVX, NNEF, OpenCL and SYCL - 9am – 10:15am

Khronos and OpenVX, NNEF and OpenCL at SIGGRAPH 2017

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Accelerating Vision Processing with Khronos
The latest on using the OpenVX and OpenCL APIs, and the NNEF Neural Net file format, to accelerate vision-processing applications ranging from augmented reality to deep learning-based scene recognition.

  • Intro and OpenCL - Neil Trevett, NVIDIA
  • SYCL - Ralph Potter, Codeplay
  • NNEF - Peter McGuinness, Independent
  • OpenVX - Radha Giduthuri, AMD

COLLADA - 10:30am – 11:00am

Khronos and COLLADA at SIGGRAPH 2017

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3D Authoring from Khronos
Come up to speed on the latest developments in the COLLADA ecosystem for 3D authoring, and learn how the COLLADA and glTF file formats complement each other.

  • Rémi Arnaud, Starbreeze
  • Mark Barnes, Starbreeze

glTF - 11:00am – 12:00 noon

Khronos and glTF at Siggraph 2017

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Runtime 3D Asset Delivery from Khronos
Learn the latest about glTF – the “JPEG for 3D” file format - including the new glTF 2.0 with Physically Based Rendering, and significant ecosystem updates.

  • glTF 2.0 and Community Update: Tony Parisi, Unity, and Patrick Cozzi, Cesium
  • Microsoft update - Paint 3D, View 3D, 3D in Office and one more thing…: Saurabh Bhatia and Gary Hsu, Microsoft
  • glTF VSCode editor: Ed Mackey, AGI
  • Autodesk Forge and glTF: Nop Jiarathanakul, Autodesk
  • Three.js and A-Frame update: Don McCurdy, Google and Ricardo Cabello, Google
  • Introduction to geometry compression on the web with Draco: Michael Hemmer and Jamieson Brettle, Google
  • WebGL PBR reference implementation: Scott Nagy, Microsoft, and Mohamad Moneimne, Cesium
  • Sketchfab update: Aurelien Chatelain, Sketchfab
  • glTF 2.0 Export in InstantUV: Max Limper, Fraunhofer

WebGL - 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Khronos and WebGL at SIGGRAPH

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3D Web Graphics with Khronos
Discover the cutting edge in WebGL applications with fast-paced demos and presentations. Learn about what is new in WebGL 2.0. Download your free copy of WebGL Insights (PDF).

  • WebGL working group, WebGL 2.0
  • Patrick Cozzi, AGI
  • Iñigo Quilez and Pol Jeremias, ShaderToy
  • Will Eastcott, PlayCanvas
  • Zhenyao Mo, Google
  • Tarek Sherif, Biodigital
  • Sebastien Vandenberghe, Microsoft, SpectorJS
  • Ricardo Cabello, Three.js
  • Alban Denoyel, Sketchfab
  • Diego Marcos and Fernando Serrano, Mozilla: A-Frame
  • Shaojing Li and Ib Green, Uber

OpenXR - 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Khronos and OpenXR at Siggraph 2017

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Portable VR/AR/MR with Khronos
Hear about the potential of Khronos OpenXR to grow the VR ecosystem by providing application portability, and standardizing device access, across multiple VR/AR/MR systems. We'll frame the discussion around specific technical issues that each panelist nominated to highlight some of the challenges and advantages of creating an open standard in the XR space.

  • Nick Whiting, Epic Games
  • Brad Grantham, ARM
  • Rémi Arnaud, Starbreeze
  • Kaye Mason, Google

Vulkan, OpenGL & OpenGL ES - 4:00pm – 5:30pm

Vulkan sessions at SIGGRAPH

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3D Graphics with Khronos
Hear what’s happening with the Khronos family of native open standard 3D APIs: Vulkan, OpenGL, and OpenGL ES. We'll cover the latest technical features, applications, tools, and ecosystem developments.

  • OpenGL status report and 25th Anniversary: Piers Daniell, NVIDIA
  • OpenGL ES status report: Tobias Hector, Imagination Technologies
  • Vulkan status report: Tom Olson, ARM
  • Vulkan portability project: Neil Trevett, NVIDIA
  • New features in Vulkan: Jan-Harald Fredriksen, ARM
  • Vulkan compute: Porting OpenCL C to Vulkan with variable pointers and 16-bit storage: Ralph Potter, Codeplay
  • HLSL support for Vulkan: Hai Nguyen, Google
  • Vulkan device simulation layer / spirv-opt enhancements: Karen Ghavam, LunarG
  • Vulkan on UE4: Rolando Caloca, EPIC

Khronos After-Party

Platinum Ballroom F-J - 5:45pm – 8:00pm

Khronos 2017 BOF Blitz

Join Khronos and our sponsors on August 2nd in Platinum Ballroom F-J to participate in one of the most highly anticipated events at SIGGRAPH – The Khronos BOF-Blitz Party! Celebrate another great year of graphics with the people behind some of the industry's leading visual computing technologies. We’ll have beer, food, music, and Khronos Members and event sponsors available to answer your questions, talk about Khronos technologies, and demo their Khronos tech-related products.

Cesium and NVIDIA sponsors

Thank you to our Khronos-member sponsors Cesium and NVIDIA for helping to make our party possible:

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Khronos-related Courses, Papers, and BOFs

Time Place Description
NVIDIA Spotlights: Best of GTC and NVIDIA Research
Sunday, 30 July
Room 404AB
 Get updates on NVIDIA support for Vulkan in 2017 
NVIDIA Vulkan Support for 2017
Sunday, July 30
11:00am - 11:50am
Click to View
Room 404AB Khronos released Vulkan 1.0 last year to provide application developers a high-efficiency API for compute and graphics intended for modern GPUs.
Studio Workshop: Hands-on: Rapid Interactive Application Prototyping for Media Arts and Stage Performance
 Sunday, 30 July
2:00pm-5:15 pm 
Experience Hall, South Hall G Introducing a mashup of interaction technologies and OpenGL via Max/Jitter with multiple devices to allow for quick prototyping of advanced OpenGL applications for real-time stage performance. 
 Khronos API Ecosystem Update – Including Vulkan and OpenXR for Cross-Platform Virtual Reality
Monday, July 31
1:00pm - 1:50pm
Click to View
Room 404AB Discover how over 100 companies cooperate at the Khronos Group to create open, royalty-free standards that enable developers to access the power of the GPU to accelerate demanding compute, graphics, and vision applications.
OpenGL and Vulkan Support for 2017
Tuesday, August 1
3:30pm - 3:55pm
Click to View
Booth Theater 403 Learn how NVIDIA continues improving both Vulkan and OpenGL for cross-platform graphics and compute development.
NVIDIA OpenGL in 2017
Monday, 31 July
Click to View
Room 404AB
OpenGL developers should attend this session to get the most out of OpenGL on NVIDIA Quadro, GeForce, and Tegra GPUs.
BOF: Cesium: 3D Globes on the Web
Tuesday, 1 August
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Room 511BC
A discussion of the latest news and community activity in the open-source Cesium project for 3D globes built on WebGL and discussion of 3D tiles for streaming massive 3D models.
 Technical Paper: Shader Components: Modular and High-Performance Shader Development 
Wednesday, 2 August
10:45 am - 12:35 pm
Click to View
Room 150/151
Researchers at CMU and NVIDIA have developed an open source shading language and compiler framework named Spire enhanced to support shader components for high-performance rendering. The Spire compiler can generate either GLSL or SPIR-V output for use with OpenGL and Vulkan based engines. The work interfaces with a modern mini 3D engine that supports equivalent back-ends for both OpenGL and Vulkan. This paper is online.
Course: Build your own VR display: an introduction to VR display systems for hobbyists and educators
Wednesday, 2 August
2:00 pm - 5:15 pm
Click to View
Room 403AB
Comprehensive introduction to VR/AR technology teaches how to build a head-mounted display (HMD) from scratch. All software is implemented in WebGL and provided on the Arduino platform. Source code is provided.
vkFX: Effect'ive Approach for Vulkan API
Thursday, August 3
11:30am - 11:55am
Booth Theater 403 This presentation is intended for Graphics developers who are developing against the Vulkan API using low level C++ code.
Course: An interactive introduction to WebGL and Three.js
 Thursday, 3 August
2:00 pm - 5:15 pm
Click to View
Room 408AB
This course provides an accelerated introduction to programming with WebGL and three.js.


Khronos Members and Associates Exhibiting at SIGGRAPH

You can find a complete list of Siggraph Exhibitors here.

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