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2017 CVPR - OpenCL & OpenVX

OpenCL and OpenVX
July 21, 2017
Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii

Event is now over

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OpenCV 3.x New Functionality & Optimizations

Organizers: Vadim Pisarevsky, Yury Gorbachev, Alexander Alekhin
Date: Friday, July 21

Detailed examples demonstrate the significant performance advancements of OpenCV 3.x through universal and plat- form-specific intrinsics, enhanced T-API (OpenCL accelera- tion layer) with OpenCL 2.0 support, and interoperability with OpenVX. A practical hands-on session will allow participants will experiment with the new functionality and acceleration techniques. For this, we will prepare and give out USB drives with pre-configured virtual machines with OpenCV installed. We will conclude with our view of the future development of OpenCV, what OpenCV 4.0 may look like, some insights on the distributed package model, micro core, high-level per- formance-portable language for representation of the vision algorith

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