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GDC 2016: Khronos Sessions at Green Space
Khronos during GDC Week
March 16, 2016
Moscone Center, and SF Green Space (EEFG), (657 Mission St, Ste 200), San Francisco

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.

GDC is a very busy week, so be sure to add the annual Khronos sessions to your calendar. Just a 5 minute walk from Moscone, we are at the same easy-to-reach location as we were last year. After a full day of info-packed sessions, we wrap up with a dinner social, killer demos, giveaways, and more:

  • WHEN:  Wednesday, March 16, 12PM to 9:30PM
  • WHERE: SF Green Space at 657 Mission St #200: an easy walk from Moscone  (Map/Directions
  • FOOD: Enjoy lunch at noon, snacks all day, and dinner and drink at 7:00PM
  • COST: Khronos sessions and refreshments are free to our guests in the industry
  • BADGES: No badge from any conference is required for admittance to the Khronos sessions

Cool Prizes All Day! 

All guests that come to the sessions get a free Vulkan Shirt and a Vulkan reference card. Stay for the Khronos Evening Social and win even more cool prizes!

  • Lunar G donated: Five "Vulkan Programming Guide" books by John Kessenich and Graham Sellers
  • Cool Vintage 1970-80s Tech Prizes
  • And more!


Khronos Sessions at a Glance

Seating for all Khronos sessions will be "registered guests first", then "first come next seated" – so please register since we expect a large crowd.

The WebGL + glTF and Vulkan sessions will be livestreamed and high quality video made available after the event is over.

Time Descripton Session Info Video
Wednesday, March 16th
8:30am – 10:00am
Jon Peddie Research Press Sessions View  
Wednesday, March 16th
12:00pm – 1:00pm
WebGL + glTF View Watch
Wednesday, March 16th
1:00pm – 2:00pm
Khronos Chapters Lunch View  
Wednesday, March 16th
2:00pm – 7:00pm
Vulkan: The API for Graphics & Compute View Part 1
Part 2
Wednesday, March 16th
7:00pm – 9:30pm
Khronos Evening Social View  


WebGL and glTF

Date: Wednesday, March 16 | Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm | Location: SF Green Space

  • Ken Russell and the Khronos WebGL Working Group present updates on WebGL and WebGL 2.0.
  • Shuai Shao (Shrek) and Trung Le present WebGL 2.0 Samples for learning WebGL 2.0.
  • Tony Parisi & Patrick Cozzi present working group updates on glTF.
  • PlayCanvas' CTO Dave Evans presents highlights from last year's WebGL projects and demos the latest engine features.
  • Cyrille Fauvel, Forge Platform Developer, Autodesk: We'll be showing the latest version of the FBX exporter/importer tools and integration into the Autodesk View & Data webgl viewer, as well as Babylon.js / Three.js.
  • Nop Jiarathanakul, from Autodesk, will present "Project Play", their latest interactive 3D web authoring platform, where they fully leverage the advantages of glTF in the pipeline and at runtime.
  • Alban Denoyel, CEO, Sketchfab

Come for a WebGL overview, demo, and Q&A session. Bring us your tough questions about performance, functionality, and other WebGL-related topics! Also learn about glTF, the GL Transmission Format, which defines a common publishing format for 3D content tools and services.

Khronos Chapters Lunch and "Open House"

Date: Wednesday, March 16 | Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm | Location: SF Green Space

Khronos Chapters are groups of Khronos Technology users who get together (virtually and/or in person) to expand their understanding of Khronos Technologies, share technical achievements (and get help with challenges), and socialize with colleagues. We encourage the “movers and shakers” of our industry to come forth and shoulder a role as a “Chapter Leader.”  This is a casual “Lunch Open House Drop In” open to anyone with interest in meeting or leading people with similar interests in Khronos technologies in their part of the world. You do not need to attend the whole hour. Stop in for a few minutes and we’ll make the connection.

  • Meet Chapter Leaders from San Francisco and beyond, who will talk about why they decided to start their own Chapter.
  • Learn more about how to start your own Khronos Chapter as a Chapter Leader.
  • Meet the support team behind the fast growing Chapters organization.


Tramezzini Sandwich Platter: Tuna Olive, Mortadella Robiola, Turkey Fig Ceasar Salad Vegetarian Skewers Fruit Plate Breads & Condiments


Vulkan: New Generation Graphics & Compute API

Date: Wednesday, March 16 | Time: 2:00pm – 7:00pm | Location: SF Green Space

Vulkan is the new big thing and this is the place to get up to speed. Learn more about this API from the developers and engineers behind its creation, with a series of 30 to 45-minute sessions.

Vulkan Session Part I

Vulkan Session Part II

NOTE: All titles and durations are tentative. Order of talks is tentative as well, subject to when speakers are available
Start Time Speaker Description
2:00 PM Tom Olson,
Director, Graphics Research
Welcome and agenda
2:05 PM Tom Olson How we got here
History, goals, and significance; acknowledgements; project status and call for action
2:20 PM Jeff Bolz,
Distinguished Engineer
Vulkan design philosophy
Explicit vs low-level; approach to threading; differences in HW (caps etc); all with examples of how they affected the API design.
Vulkan under the hood
2:45 PM Graham Sellers,

Memory allocation
How it works, and best practices

3:15 PM Bill Licea-Kane,
Command buffers, renderpasses, and subpasses
Brief summary of command buffers. Renderpass/Subpass and why you should use it.
3:45 PM Tobias Hector,
Software Design Engineer
Imagination Technologies
Barriers and synchronization
Synchronization: Keeping your GPU well fed, without getting bitten
4:15 PM Alon Or-bach,
Chair, WSI TSG
Swapchains Unchained! What you need to know about Vulkan window system integration
Swapchains Unchained! What game devs need to know about Vulkan Window System Integration
4:30 PM Karen Ghavam,
CEO and Engineering Director
Jon Ashburn,
Principal Engineer
Karl Schultz,
Principal Engineer
Vulkan layers
Using the LunarG SDK and demonstration of using Vulkan Layers
Advice and experience
5:00 PM Dan Baker,
How we organize our engine for Vulkan
5:30 PM Dan Ginsburg,
Performance results and lessons from porting Source 2 to Vulkan
Short subjects
6:00 PM Hans-Kristian Arntzen,
Vulkan does Retro
RetroArch / libretro project description and results
6:15 PM Hai Nguyen,
Creative Tech Lead
Following the rules: Up and running with Vulkan on all implementations
Experience from porting Cinder to Vulkan
6:20 PM Gergely Juhasz,
Lead Graphics Engineer
GFXBench 5.0 for Vulkan
demo of beta
6:45 PM Barthold Lichtenbelt,
Sr. Director Tegra Graphics SW
Vulkan and OpenGL ES
Vulkan and ES pros and cons. With demo.

Register Watch

Khronos Evening Social

Date: Wednesday, March16 | Time: 7:00pm – 9:30pm | Location: SF Green Space

Unwind at the end of a long day at a casual social with dinner, beer, wine, and dessert. Enjoy a few hours sharing drinks, demos, and good conversation with the Khronos Group members who bring you Vulkan, WebGL, OpenGL, and more.


Jon Peddie Research Press Sessions

Date: Wednesday, March 16 | Time: 8:30am – 10:00am | Location: SF Green Space

This session is by invitation only.

  • Opening Introduction
    Dr. Peddie gives an introduction and presents a overview of the PC graphics hardware and market trends.
  • TV Gaming presentation
    Ted Pollak gives a overview of the TV Gaming market.
  • Overall Game Market presentation
    Wanda Meloni gives an overview of the game market as well as the Open Gameing Alliance
  • Overview of APIs
    Neil Trevett provides an overview on Khronos activities including Vulkan, WebGL 2.0 and glTF.
  • Panel Discussion on Virtual Reality:
    • Tim Lehland focuses on VR in your hand
    • Martin Fishman on changing gamut while in game/VR
    • Roy Taylor on VR in movies
  • Q&A and refreshments

Getting to SF Green Space (EEFG)

Conveniently located between San Francisco’s SOMA and Financial Districts, SF Green Space is just steps away from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Moscone Center, Yerba Buena Gardens, and San Francisco’s top hotels and restaurants. Public transportation and numerous parking garages are located within two blocks of the space.

Walking distance from Moscone: 657 Mission St, Ste #200, San Francisco, CA 94105


Khronos Related Sessions at GDC

For the latest up-to-date list of Vulkan, OpenCL and OpenGL ES session, please refer to the official GDC sessions page.

Time Session Details
March 14
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Interactive Round Table Discussions Google
Room 2020, West Hall
March 15
PowerVR Graphics Keynote: Latest Developments and Future Plans Imagination
Room 3022, West Hall
March 15
Efficient rendering with Vulkan on PowerVR: Migrating to Vulkan with the new PowerVR graphics framework Imagination
Room 3022, West Hall
March 15
Working with Vulkan on Android: An Introduction to SPIR-V Imagination
Room 3022, West Hall
March 15
Panel Discussion: Is Vulkan a Game Changer?  Imagination
Room 3022, West Hall
March 15
Publishing your Unity Content to the Web with WebGL Unity
Room 2014, West Hall
March 16
Vulkan on Mobile with Unreal Engine 4 Case Study ARM
Room 3022, West Hall
March 16
Delivering Console Car Visuals on Mobile with CSR Racing 2 OpenGL ES
Room 2006, West Hall
March 16
High-performance, Low-overhead Rendering with OpenGL and Vulkan NVIDIA
Room 3014, West Hall
March 16
Let Your Game Shine - Optimizing DirectX®12 and Vulkan Performance with AMD CodeXL AMD
Room 2024, West Hall
March 16
Vulkan Fast Paths AMD
Room 2024, West Hall
March 16
Multiplatform GPU Ray-Tracing Solutions with FireRender and FireRays AMD
Room 2024, West Hall
March 17
D3D12 & Vulkan: Lessons Learned Vulkan
Room 3016, West Hall
March 17
12:45pm - 1:45pm
Practical Development for Vulkan

Valve Software
Room 3009, West Hall

March 17
1:45pm - 1:50pm
Vulkan on Android Samsung
ARM Booth (1624)
March 17
Vulkan and NVIDIA The Essentials NVIDIA
Room 3014, West Hall
March 17
Designing a VR Renderer and Engine for Modern CPU/GPUs using MaxPlay's Game Development Suite (GDS) NVIDIA
Room 3014, West Hall
March 17
Android TV Gaming: Designing (and Programming) for Success on Marshmallow NVIDIA
OpenGL ES / Vulkan
Room 3014, West Hall


Khronos Members on GDC show floor

  • AMD - Booth#: BMR2647
  • ARM Inc. - Booth#: 1624
  • Blizzard Entertainment - Booth#: BMR2546
  • Codeplay Software - Booth#: 1238 (Scotland Pavilion)
  • Columbia University - Booth#: N2619
  • Epic Games - Booth#: 1024
  • Futuremark - Booth#: 2337
  • Google, Inc. - Booth#: 612
  • Imagination Technologies Ltd. - Booth#: 1902
  • Intel Corporation - Booth#: Bridge Space / Swing Space 106
  • Maxon - Booth#: 533
  • Microsoft Corporation - Booth#: BS2522
  • Mozilla Corporation - Booth#: 936
  • Nintendo - Booth#: BMR2732/BMR2738/BMR2742
  • NVIDIA Corporation - Booth#: 824/CC2424/Over Hang MR 2040
  • Oculus - Booth#: 802
  • Qualcomm - Booth#: 2316
  • Samsung - Lounge Booth, South Hall (Entrance level)
  • Silicon Studio - Booth#: 416
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America - Booth#: LLC 1202 / CC2300 / CC2400
  • Tobii Technology AB - Booth#: 1932
  • Unity Technologies - Booth#: ApS 1402

Complete exhibitors list is available online.

Conference Code of Conduct: The Khronos Group is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. Visit our Code of Conduct page to learn more.

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