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2016 GDC Europe

August 15, 2016
Congress-Centrum Ost Koelnmesse. Sessions will be in room Südliches Sitzungszimmer, 4th Level, Cologne, Germany

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Game developers around the world use Khronos technologies in their graphics and compute engines. Learn more about Khronos APIs at our BOF sessions.

Khronos BOFs

Khronos sessions will be held in Südliches Sitzungszimmer, 4th Level

Welcome to Vulkan: How Your Games Can Benefit from Khronos’ Explicit Graphics & Compute API

Monday, August 15
10:00am - 11:00am

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Industry experts give you the insights you need to decide whether Vulkan is the right API for you. An overview of Vulkan’s benefits for game development, followed by real-world experiences of migrating engines from traditional graphic APIs to this new generation, cross-platform GPU acceleration standard. Tom Olson: ARM, Vulkan Working Group Chair
Tobias Hector: Imagination Technologies,
OpenGL ES Working Group Chair
Alen Ladavac: CTO, Croteam
Vulkan Roundtable: The First Six Months – What Have We Learned?

Monday, August 15
1:15pm - 2:15pm

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Vulkan was released just a few months ago. This is your chance to interact with hardware and software developers on the leading edge of creating and using this new API. What have we learned so far? What do YOU want to ask about how your game can benefit from Vulkan? Chair:
Alon Or-bach:

Tom Olson: ARM, Vulkan Working Group Chair
Tobias Hector: Imagination Technologies,
OpenGL ES Working Group Chair
Markus Tavenrath: NVIDIA
Matthäus Chajdas: AMD
Alen Ladavac: Croteam

Khronos-related Courses, Papers, and BOFs

D3D12 & Vulkan: Lessons Learned

Tuesday, August 16
11:15 - 12:15

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Vulkan and DirectX12 are new, low-level APIs which require developers to think about graphics in a new way. In many cases game engines need to be restructured to take advantage of low-level parallel submission, asynchronous execution and new state and resource handling features provided by the API. In this lecture, we willl review those new concepts and take a look at how launch titles successfully handled the transition to the new APIs. The presentation will include useful insights gained while developing the first and second wave of Vulkan & DirectX12 titles.

Matthaeus Chajdas (AMD)


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