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2015 TIGA - Representing the Game Industry

October 15, 2015
Dolby theater, Soho Square, London, England

Event is now over

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A unique gathering of developers, publishers, chip designers and device makers who share a common goal of improving mobile gaming.

Tiga and gamebench are offering a unique workshop for mobile games developers

GameBench will be sharing never seen before performance data on some of the top games, this has not yet been shared with the public or the media.

The Programme

This one-day summit is to connect game developers with chip makers and device manufacturers in order to make headway in the areas of game optimisation, promotion and building closer relationship with developers and other ecosystem players.

If you are a developer and or in gaming QA you will get the opportunity talk about the issues you face with performance variations across android devices, the tricks (and struggles) and tools you use to accelerate debug, test, optimization and release of cross-platform games.

Chip makers and OEM’s can speak can chat with developers showing then how to quickly optimise games, identify bottlenecks, help them promote 'superior' performance and address fragmentation across Android and iOS.

Khronos Speakers

12.15 – Presentation by Alon Or-Bach, Samsung R&D UK

12.35 – Roundtable: “Does game performance matter on mobile?,” hosted by Sharif Sakr.

Panel guests:

  • Richard Huddy, AMD
  • Alon Or-Bach, Samsung R&D UK
  • Nick Smith, Marmalade
  • Lee Stott, Microsoft 
  • Gareth Edmondson, Thumbstar
  • Alexandru Voica, Imagination Technologies

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