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Upcoming Events

Khronos is monitoring the status of COVID-19 along with recommendations from the WHO, CDC and ECDPC. In the interest of the health and welfare of event attendees, presenters, and organizers, events may be postponed or cancelled. We will continue to share updates as we receive them.

Upcoming events related to Khronos Standards

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Event Type Date Location
Arm Dev Summit 2021 vulkan, opengles, opengl October 19-21, 2021 Online
CppCon 2021 vulkan, sycl October 24-29, 2021 Aurora Colorado & Online
glTF Webinar Series gltf October 28, 2021 Online
Heterogeneous Programming in Modern C++ with SYCL sycl November 1-3, 2021 Online
Qt World Summit 2021 November 3, 2021 Online
Web3D 2021 Conference November 8-12, 2021 Pisa, Italy + Online
AWE 2021 webgl, gltf, openxr November 9-11, 2021 Online
SC21 opencl, sycl November 14-19, 2021 St. Louis, MO
SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 December 14-17, 2021 Tokyo, Japan

Khronos Member Only Meetings

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Khronos Member Meetings offer the opportunity for Khronos members to come together to discuss technical work, industry feedback, network with colleagues and have some fun. Member Meetings are conducted in-person and virtually when needed. Make plans now to join us at our upcoming meetings. Learn more about becoming a member.

Meeting Date Location
F2F Phoenix 2022 October 17-21, 2022 Phoenix, Arizona
F2F Osaka 2023 May 8-12, 2023 Osaka, Japan

Recent Events

  Date Location
Invitation to the Khronos Machine Learning Summit October 20, 2021 Online
Arm Dev Summit 2021 October 19-21, 2021 Online
Vulkanised 2021 October 13-14, 2021 Online
WebGL + WebGPU Meetup October 12, 2021 Online
Autodesk University October 5, 2021 Online
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Conference Code of Conduct

The Khronos Group is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. Visit our Code of Conduct page to learn more.