2012 Pan Pacific Road Show - Hsinchu/Taipei

Event Photos

Chocolate bar Never saw a chocolate bar before - the Regent was awesome

Takumi demo Takumi demo

ITRI Welcomes The Khronos Group Looks like they knew we were coming

Hsinchu Hotel Sheraton - and always... McDonalds View from Hsinchu Hotel Sheraton Smaller city south of Taipei

Hair flying! No time to waste! Elizabeth hurries during set up - Jon supervises

Feb 13: Mediatek and Khronos Group Meeting Our new friends at Mediatek warmly welcomed Khronos Group : )

He only looks innocent Gangleader of OpenSL ES And OpenMAX flashes secret hand signals, Erik Noreke.

Looking into audience at Mediatek session It was great to learn about each other

Dinner in the Sheraton Team Dinner first night: Angelan Cheng, Neil Trevett, Jon Peddie, Erik Noreke

Hsinchu Hotel Sheraton - flowers at check in Quite lovely - digital flowers waving in the breeze

Taiwan Road Trip Neil Trevett, Elizabeth Riegel, Erik Noreke, Jon Peddie - on a bus from Taipei to Hsinchu

Arrival at TPE Taipei - all the taxis and limos have instant free fast wifi SMF to LAX to NRT to TPE to the Sheraton Taipei makes for a long day... but Angela made all the arrangements and we are whisked away

Elizabeth in Taipei Elizabeth Riegel, The Khronos Group Director

Angela, Elizabeth and Jackie Angela Cheng, Elizabeth Riegel and Jackie Chu of ITRI

KITE Press Announcement in Taipei Terry Matsumoto at KITE Taipei press announcement View details on about this tour on our website.

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