Developer Evangelist and Team Lead

Developer Evangelist and Team Lead

Arm Ltd.

Location: Cambridge, UK
Categories: Vulkan, SPIR, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, glTF, EGL, WebGL
Job Type: Onsite, Full-time, Some-travel

We are looking for a strong technical leader who will build and lead a team of developer evangelists. You will get to work with future technology in advance of it being deployed across billions of devices.

To successfully deliver gaming performance requires more than the development of individual CPU and GPU processors. We believe that it also necessary for Arm to have passionate developer evangelism team whose purpose is to accelerate the adoption of Arm technology and products in the mobile developer space.

You and your dedicated team will perform a strategically important function within a growing ecosystem engineering group. Your team will be tasked with producing education material related to Arm’s Mali GPU, CPU and NPU products which benefit gaming and application developers.

As a part of Arm we get to enjoy being part of a stimulating collaborative environment. Our ecosystem teams work closely with our CPU and GPU design teams, as well as the mobile OS vendors. You will work alongside these teams to gain a deep understanding of future products and features in order be communicated to our diverse mobile ecosystem.

For this opportunity you will lead the team who owns and maintains Arm’s technical front face to mobile developers. Working alongside the developer marketing team, you will be responsible for building cohesive Arm technology stories with practical developer advice. Apart from managing the team you will also be working in a collaborative and dedicated team of hardworking engineers to research and experiment with new graphics technologies with the latest Graphics APIs on current and future Arm hardware.

What will I be accountable for?

-  Owning developer education collateral and SDKs

-  Producing relevant technical and best practice documentation and blogs

-  Testing new graphics techniques on existing and new Arm hardware

-  Coordination with developer marketing to identify and prioritize developer needs

-  Technical evaluation of proposed software optimization tasks

-  Task estimation, tracking and completion

-  Progress reporting and liaising with other remote teams

Job Requirements

What skills, experience and qualifications do you need?

-  Experience using game engines, e.g. Unity, Unreal

-  Experience developing GPU-intensive applications using OpenGL ES or Vulkan

-  Strong knowledge of C/C++

-  Knowledge of Arm Mali or other mobile GPU architecture

-  University degree in Computer Science, or equivalent

-  Experience in technical writing

-  Knowledge of the mobile software and developer landscape

-  Experience of working within an Agile scrum environment

-  Experience with Android or Linux operating system internals

-  Arm NEON or other SIMD architectures

-  Working knowledge of developing applications for mobile System on Chip platforms

At Arm, we are guided by our core beliefs that reflect our rare culture and guide our decisions, defining how we work together to defy ordinary and shape extraordinary:

We Not I

Take daily responsibility to make the Global Arm community thrive
No individual is responsible for the right answer. Brilliance is collective
Information is critical, share it
Realize that we win when we collaborate — and that everyone misses out when we don’t
Passion for Progress

Our differences are our strength. Widen and mix up the pool of people you connect
Difficult things can take unexpected directions. Stick with it
Make feedback positive and expansive, not negative and narrow
The essence of progress is that it can’t stop. Grow with it and be responsible for your own progress
Be Your Brilliant Self

Be quirky not egocentric
Recognize the power in saying ‘I don’t know
Make trust our default position
Hold strong opinions lightly

We are hiring a number of Developers at this location.

Posted: September 11th, 2019