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Khronos File Format Adopter Program

Khronos offers a simple and free option for any person or entity that wishes to be a formal Adopter of any of our file format specifications:

Registering as an Adopter is optional, users of these specifications and related tools are always welcome to use those materials under the public distribution license terms used by Khronos without becoming an Adopter.

The advantages of registering as an Adopter are:

  • Khronos grants Adopters a trademark license that enables the Adopter to use the name and logo of the file format specification in connection with the Adopter’s own products or services, subject to some limitations.
  • Adopters can choose to opt in to the Khronos Intellectual Property Framework , under which the Adopter commits to license certain patent claims it may own or control and benefits from reciprocal licensing commitments made by other participants in the specification ecosystem.
  • Adopters receive communications about technology updates, relevant events, and other information that facilitates effective use of the specifications and tools.

If you choose to become an Adopter for one of the above standards you are agreeing to the Khronos File Format Adopter Legal Terms (Download PDF version) and after submitting the form below, and a brief review period (typically less than one business day), your name and company will be listed on the File Format Adopters page with a record of whether or not you elected to grant a Reciprocal License for the standard you selected.

You may use the registration form below multiple times if you wish to become an Adopter for multiple standards. If you have any questions about using this form please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Register to Become a Khronos File Format Adopter

On behalf of the company or organization listed above (or on behalf of myself as an individual, if no entity is listed), I wish to register as an Adopter of the selected specifications (check all that apply):

I wish to grant the Reciprocal License in the Adopter Legal Terms and receive the associated benefits for the specification selected above (this is optional):