XSI 6 Mod Tool

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Product information
  • Name: XSI 6 Mod Tool
  • Purpose: 3D modeling and animation
  • Last updated: ?
  • Current version: ?
  • Status: ?
  • OS: ?
  • [?? Forum]
  • [?? Report bugs]
  • Feature list
  • Product info
  • Maintainer: Softimage
  • Contact for technical issues:
    (???) ???-????


This article is part of the COLLADA products directory
Adding to the list of products

The Softimage XSI 6 Mod Tool is a FREE 3D modeling and animation package that plugs into Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express, Valve Half- Life 2 and Crytek CryEngine2... but it does not only do that; it also fully supports COLLADA import/export thru Crosswalk. This means that it includes the latest COLLADA plugins and also benefits from the frequent Crosswalk updates.


The only limitation on COLLADA is that you're limited to geometry of 64000 triangles at export. No limitation on import.

For information related to the COLLADA plug-in, see Crosswalk.