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Extension information
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<extra>/<technique profile="modo401">/<param> Elements

Category: (core) Scene (See list of specification categories)
Introduction: Describes a range of time for a scene and its time system.


Working with animated sequences within the context of film, TV, or simulation often requires an overall scene start and end time, with a time system used for display purposes, which is chosen according to the context in which the animation is used.
Name Type Description Required?
sid xs:ncname A unique symbol within the technique; one for each value. Yes
Related Elements
Parent element(s) <visual_scene>
Extra and/or Technique <extra>/<technique profile="modo401">
Child elements None
Child Elements
Name Description type Default Occurrences Named values
param sid="currentS" Current start time of the scene. float 0 1
param sid="currentE" Current end time of the scene. float 5 1
param sid="fps" Number of frames per second. float 24 1
param sid="sceneS" Start time of the scene. float 0 1
param sid="sceneE" End time of the scene. float 5 1
param sid="timeSys" Time system used to display times. Name frames 1 filmcode, frames, seconds, smpte
param sid="upAxis" A scene-specific up-axis. Name Y_UP 1 X_UP, Y_UP, Z_UP


The end times should be greater than or equal to the start times.
The time system does not affect the internal representation of the time values used by modo, nor their textual representation in the COLLADA data; the time values are always specified in seconds.


       <visual_scene id="DefaultScene">
               <technique profile="modo401">
                   <param sid="currentS" name="Scene_Current_Start_Time" type="float">0</param>
                   <param sid="currentE" name="Scene_Current_End_Time" type="float">5</param>
                   <param sid="fps" name="Scene_FPS" type="float">24</param>
                   <param sid="sceneS" name="Scene_Start_Time" type="float">0</param>
                   <param sid="sceneE" name="Scene_End_Time" type="float">5</param>
                   <param sid="timeSys" name="Scene_Time_System" type="Name">frames</param>
                   <param sid="upAxis" name="Scene_Up_Axis" type="Name">Y_UP</param>