VertexCacheOptimizer conditioner

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Conditioner information
  • Name: VertexCacheOptimizer
  • Purpose: optimizes the triangles of geometry
  • Last updated: 27.10.08
  • Current version: 1.0
  • Status: released
  • Created by: Herbert Grasberger
  • Contact for technical issues: [email protected]


This article is part of the COLLADA conditioners directory
Adding to the conditioners directory


This conditioner optimizes the indexlist for triangles according to the algorithm described in the paper 'Fast Triangle Reordering for Vertex Locality and Reduced Overdraw' from Pedro V. Sander, Diego Nehab, Joshua Barczak published at Siggraph 2007.


The VertexCacheOptimizer is available for the latest refinery out of svn and as a standalone CLI version, compiled against the May 2008 COLLADA release (library shipped with the .exe) for Windows 32bit. There shouldn't be problems to compile this conditioner for MacOSX.


You can set the following options of the conditioner either via the Refinery GUI, or as a commandline option.


./VertexCacheOptimizer --help

for command line parameters.

Special notes and limitations

  • only working on <triangles>, no <polylist> etc.