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URIs in COLLADA and the COLLADA DOM must be of the correct standard format to work correctly.

A common mistake is to use a Windows or Linux file path. Both COLLADA and the COLLADA DOM use URIs exclusively to reference resources or files. A file path needs to be converted to a file scheme URI before being passed to the COLLADA DOM. The following are some examples of converting a file path to a URI.

Example Description    File Path                        URI
Windows absolute path  C:\folder\file.dae               file:///C:/folder/file.dae
Windows relative path  ..\folder\file.dae               ../folder/file.dae
UNC path               \\remoteMachine\folder\file.dae  file://///remoteMachine/folder/file.dae
Linux absolute path    /folder/file.dae                 file:///folder/file.dae
Linux relative path    ../folder/file.dae               ../folder/file.dae