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Mark Barnes
Sr. Consultant
Export Support Inc.

Mountain View CA 94040


Mark Barnes is currently a technical consultant working for Expert Support Inc..


Mark is the chairman for the COLLADA working group and the principal designer and specification editor of COLLADA. Mark is a co-author (with Rémi Arnaud) of the book COLLADA Sailing the Gulf of Digital Content Creation published by AK Peters and since 2004 has given presentations about COLLADA design and features at Siggraph, Eurographics, GDC, Imagina 2005, and IGDA SF 2005.

Mark was most recently a Graphics Architect at Intel Corporation in the Advanced Visual Computing division. Mark Barnes had joined Sony Computer Entertainment US R&D in July 2003 as a member of the graphics team where he was the project lead and principal designer for COLLADA.

Mark's 20 years experience and knowledge in the field of visual simulation includes database tools, distributed processing and real-time graphics. He is well known for his work on the OpenFlight format while at MultiGen-Paradigm Inc..

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