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On February 14, 2008 Sony Computer Entertainment will transfer ownership of the forums, modelbank, and wiki to The Khronos Group, who currently maintains the COLLADA standards and related working groups. After the transfer, the information that you provided when you registered for each of these services will be transferred to the Khronos Group and removed from Sony Computer Entertainment owned servers. Also, the user information that you provided will be governed by the Khronos privacy policy, which can be found at

Please note that this is only a change of the company owning and controlling the servers. While there may be some changes or additions to the administrators of, the members who have volunteered to moderate, edit and administrate them will largely remain the same.

If you agree to the transfer of the information that you provided Sony Computer Entertainment to the Khronos Group, just do nothing. The website will still be at so all your bookmarks and links will continue to work.

If you DO NOT wish to have the information that you provided to Sony Computer Entertainment via transferred to the Khronos group, please contact us before February 14, 2008 at At your request, your personal information will not be provided to Khronos and your accounts will be deleted from our records. Please be sure to provide complete information on the accounts you wish deleted, this should include the account name and associated e-mail address for the wiki, forum, and modelbank.