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| Color = title-background-color
| Summary = table summary
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| Category = what category to put article into
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|Title = [[Portal:Conditioners directory|Conditioners directory]]
|Color = #ddcef2
|Summary = Information about [[conditioner]]s that can act on [[COLLADA document]]s.
|List = 
<big>'''''This article is part of the'' COLLADA [[conditioner]]s directory.'''</big>
• [[COLLADA Refinery]] • [[Portal:Conditioners directory|Conditioners directory]]

''Instructions for [[adding to the conditioners directory]]''

Produces the following:

Conditioners directory
Information about conditioners that can act on COLLADA documents.
This article is part of the COLLADA conditioners directory.

COLLADA Refinery • Conditioners directory

Instructions for adding to the conditioners directory

[[Category: ]]