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Put the following at the top of an article:

{{extensions header}}

It places the article into [[Category:COLLADA extensions|*]] and displays the following:

Extensions directory
Information about COLLADA <technique profile=...> and <extra> extensions.
This article is part of the COLLADA extensions directory.

List of extensions by vendor • List of extensions by profile name • List of extensions by element

Instructions for adding to the extensions directory

[[Category: ]]

There are optional arguments, but this usage is obsolete; instead, use Template:Extension. With the arguments, it looks like this (names can contain spaces):

 | vendor = yourvendorname
 | product = yourproductname}}

Vendor and product arguments are optional, but if using this format, you must use both or neither. If both arguments are used, it places the article into Category:COLLADA extensions and replaces "This article is part of the COLLADA extensions directory" with:

This article describes extensions for {{{product}}} by {{{vendor}}}.